The Kashmir Files Controversy: Is It Possible To Manipulate IMDb Ratings? This Is What A Twitter User Wrote

Ever since ‘The Kashmir Files’ was released, the film has been a hot topic for netizens to debate openly. Vivek Agnihotri’s film earned mixed reactions over time. Despite all of it, the movie rose to fame and broke all possible records at the Box Office. However, the movie’s IMBD rating has raised several eyebrows.

Manipulated IMDb ratings?

During the release of the film, the movie was given a 10/10 rating on the IMDb website which created huge confusion in the minds of viewers. In a series of Tweets, Twitter users alleged that IMDb ratings are bene manipulated.


To be noted, IMDb ratings are based on the votes by its registered users. People cast their votes from one to 10 on a particular film. Later, these votes are aggregated and restated as a single IMDb rating.

This Twitter user explained how IMDb ratings are manipulated, and how many stars and filmmakers use it for their benefit.

Pointing out the false play in the rating of the movie, he said that earlier several South superstars in Tamil & Telugu cinema have profited with such tactics.

He also suggested that those depending on IMDB must look at the “top 1000 voters” under the rating section.

As IMDB ratings were showing 10/10 ratings, the online database company stated that they have noticed ‘unusual voting activity on the film. Hence, they used an ‘alternate weighting calculation’ and dropped the rating to 8.3 stars.


On catching this change in the ratings, the director of the film Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri, termed it ‘unusual and unethical’.