The Iconic SGS Non-Veg and its Kshatriya Style Biriyani is All You Need to Satisfy a Foodie in You


Biriyani is a food made in heaven and every time we think about it, we drool. This meat rice relished with the spicy curry or yogurt is the perfect meal to satisfy your appetite. A special dish served in a bowl made of areca nut palm leaf is considered to be the best complete meal in the world. The specialty of this Biriyani is that it is served in ‘Donne’ which gets a peculiar savoriness and the taste of it is worse than the addiction. Decoding the secret behind the taste of this Bengaluru special Donne Biriyani is a laborious task indeed. If you have to enjoy the best Biriyani of your life then you have SGS Non-Veg, also known as Gundu Pulao. Come, let’s know more about it on today’s read.

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The Menu of SGS Non-Veg

SGS is largely known for its Biriyani and it is called as Gundu Pulav here. It is a Donne Biriyani cooked to perfection. A scrumptious Non-Veg Pulao served in Donne, cooked in the flame of wood, served with a special kind of gravy garnished with Egg and Vegetable Raitha is something you must experience. If you couple Biriyani with Kshatriya style Kebab then nothing like it. It is said that the Biriyani here is cooked in Kshatriya Style which comes with special flavors and masala.


Real Crowd Puller with a Limited Menu

Located in one of the most buzzing places of the city, this Biriyani point is a real crowd puller. You may find it difficult to spot but once you are here, mark our words, it is a heaven for Non-Veg food lovers. A pretty popular place serving the scrumptious Donne Biriyani from ages. If you want to experience the glory of this place then you must visit on Sunday. However, we recommend Weekdays as it will be filled with people on Sundays.

SGS BangalorePrice wise, it is pocket-friendly and taste wise, we have no words. The place is quite congested but this should not become a stopping-factor for you. You will be amazed to see people coming out with humps and humps of parcel boxes which is a testament to the popularity of this legendary Biriyani point of Bengaluru.

Must-Have: Chicken Pulav, Paaya soup, Kebab, and everything you like on the menu.

Open: 10 AM to 2:30 PM, 6 PM to 9:30 PM | 8 AM to 2 PM (Sunday)

Where: 21, Sowrastrapet, K V Temple Street, 2nd Cross, Near Chickpet Police Station, City Market.

Location Details:

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