The Iconic Cubbon Park of Bengaluru to get Signage taking its Beauty to a Whole New Level

cubbon park

You might have visited Cubbon Park and experienced its stunning greenery and the textures of natural seductness. This city park attracts a lot of visitors and transforms moods of every kind to a soulful one. The 195-acre legendary Cubbon park houses some of the iconic historic structures, artworks, and buildings making it a space rich in biodiversity. Now, to enhance its beauty, a group of city-based architects, urbanists, and technologists are all set to put signage and information boards at various spots inside the park.

The Project – Way Finding

In association with Horticulture and State Tourism departments, The Project – Way Finding is heading to create a system of boards and signage to make exploration easy coupled with providing information about the park thereby forming a bridge to the cultural aspects around.


“The boards, apart from telling visitors where what is, will also have information about trees, details of landmarks and statues, information about public events and park facilities such as benches, the food court and toilets,” Ankit Bhargava, co-founder, Sensing Local, said.

(Source: Hindu).

He added,


“As a start, we are planning for large boards at the seven gates of Cubbon Park and around 54 boards across the park.”

In its second phase, the group is planning to include Braille Signage, maps, and a palpable paving to help the visually-impaired.

cubbon park

Speaking about this initiative, Mahantesh Murugod, Deputy Director, Cubbon Park, said,

“Visitors can get a complete guide to places to see inside Cubbon Park and also around the park now. “


It is said that the signage will be up from next month. In this context, we would like to thank Sensing Local, Ankit Bhargava and Tourism departments for taking this initiative.

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