The Hashtag PakPremiPatrakaar Dominates With Twitterati Heavily Trolling Pakistan-Supporting Indian Media

indian media supporting pakistan

Pulwama attack added more fuel to the already existing tension between Pakistan and India. The attack was shocking and killed more than 40 CRPF jawans. In retaliation, the Indian government and the defense took multiple steps like taking off the security of separatists in Kashmir, neutralizing the mastermind behind Pulwama, cutting of river water and more.

indian media supporting pakistan

Indian Pakistani Supporters

But the more prominent was the surgical airstrike on Muzzafarabad, Balakot, and Chakothi. On one side the Indian soldiers are fighting and risking their lives on the border and on the social media front, some Indian media persons are supporting Pakistani approach. One of the biggest Pakistani supporters is reporter Barkha Dutt. She has been giving positive and supportive comments to almost all the efforts made by Pakistan and its Prime Minister, Imran Khan.

Dutt open-heartedly appreciated Imran Khan’s gesture of returning the Indian IAF officer Abhinandan Varthaman after he was captured by the Pakistani army. According to Dutt, this gesture by Mr. Khan should be welcomed. There are many other prominent Pakistan supporting media anchors and reporters including Karen Patel and Rajdeep Sardesai.

indian media supporting pakistan

Another person who is repeatedly favoring Pakistan’s moves and is doing so just to belittle the current Indian Prime Minister is Sagarika Ghose. She has constantly applauded efforts by Pakistan and even said that by offering to return Abhinandan, Pakistan has scored an edge over India.

Indian Supporters Are Not Far Behind

Despite these Pakistan-supporting reporters and anchors promoting Pakistan approach, the Indian supporters are not getting easily influenced. Most of them are trolling these reporters on Twitter and even have accused them of taking a bribe for their actions. Supporters of India have said that there is no doubt that these so-called Indian reporters have sold themselves to Pakistan and ISI.

The hashtag on twitter PakPremiPatrakaar war has made one thing clear that Indian enemies are not only in Pakistan but also within the country.

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