The Family Man In Kannada: Sandalwood Actors Who Could Have Fit The Roles Perfectly

The Family Man is one of the best web series that has been produced in India. An Amazon Prime product, and created by Raj-DK, the show follows the life of Srikant Tiwari and his battle to protect the nation from foreign outfits. Such thrillers seem common, but this show has good scope for comedy, which made it a unique offering. In this article, we tell you 10 Kannada actors who could fit into the roles if the Family Man was made in Sandalwood.

Srikant Tiwari – Shivaraj Kumar

If you have seen Shivanna in films like Tagaru and Killing Veerappan, you would know exactly why he would fit into this role perfectly. He has got the physique to pull off an agent’s role while at the same time, Sandalwood’s Hattrick Hero can deliver the comic one-liners that Srikant Tiwari is famous for.


Suchitra Tiwari – Priyamani

In case the Family Man was made in Kannada Priyamani would have been the unanimous choice, again, to be cast in this role. She delivered an impeccable performance and managed to carve her own identity despite having to portray a character with limited screen time.

Raji – Radhika Pandit

It’s a little hard to replace Samantha as Raji. However, Radhika Pandit seems to be a great option for that role. She possesses remarkable acting skills and could slip into a character like Raji.

JK Talpade – Rajesh Nataranga

Rajesh Nataranga is an underrated actor in KFI. He and Shivanna exhibited an entertaining bromance in Kaddipudi, something that could be useful in Family Man happens in Kannada.


Moosa Rahman – Rakesh Adiga

Moosa Rahman played an amazing antagonist in season one. He was one character who terrified everyone who came in front of him. Maybe, Rakesh Adiga could step into this role if TFM happens in Sandalwood.

Sajid – Saurav Lokesh

Sajid had a massive impact when it came to the happenings in the second season of Family Man. He was the instigator to the sub-plot involving Srikant’s daughter. Bhajarangi Loki can be a decent fit for this role.

Zoya – Shraddha Srinath

Zoya was not present much in season two but she was a consistent feature on the screen in the first edition. Shraddha Srinath seems apt for this role.


Milind – Rishi

Essayed by TVF Aspirants’ Sandeep Bhaiya, Milind is a character that struck a few chords. Rishi is a brilliant actor who could pull off such a character in Kannada.

Arvind – J Karthik

JK can do a fine job of essaying the role of Arvind if the web series happens in Kannada. JK is a versatile actor and can exhibit the maturity needed for this role.

Kulkarni – Anant Nag

Anant Nag, of course, is a top-class actor and if he had to be given a role in this scenario, it would be Kulkarni’s character, albeit with more flesh and a direct impact on the proceedings.