The Family Man 2 Review: A Gripping Thriller Peppered With The Right Dose Of Fun & Action

Perhaps after Sacred Games, seemingly not another show had witnessed the manner of anticipation for its second season like that of the Family Man. Streaming on Amazon Prime, the first season prefaced us to the character of Srikant Tiwari and the universe encompassing him. Since the initial season terminated on a cliffhanger, many were curiously awaiting the next instalment.

On June 4th, the makers dropped the nine-episode long series that spans more than 400 minutes. Here is the review of The Family Man Season 2:


What is TFM S2 all about?

Srikant Tiwari, essayed by Manoj Bajpai, says he ‘is done’ after the thwarted nerve gas attack and is now working in a 9 to 5 corporate job. To mend his relationship with his wife is also one of the reasons for this decision. However, the urge to get back to TASC always crops up.

A ‘strategic’ plot by the Indian Prime Minister has made the ISI join hands with the Tamil Rebels. Raji, played by Samantha, is on whom the ISI-Tamil Rebel plans of assassinating PM Basu rely upon. Enter Srikant Tiwari, and the rest of the plot unfolds in the lead up to the D-Day.

Family Man overcomes the ‘Season Two Curse’

Many shows have somehow faltered in their second season. However, The Family Man avoids it comfortably. Raj – DK and his team have successfully accomplished to render a show that stays sincere to its promise. Just like the first edition, there is an adequate peppering of comedy that lightens the mood. Srikant’s family also gets entangled in the mix, which further intensifies the plot. Of course, the entire Tamil Rebel angle, headed by Raji, is the show-stopper as it adds intrigue to the proceedings. Special mention to the extraordinarily choreographed action sequences, especially in the finale.


Srikant Tiwari to return for the third instalment

It was already announced that the show will be renewed for Season 3. The makers have dumped a major hint regarding this at the end of Season 2. This has definitely inflated the expectations even further for the franchise.