The Dental Innovation of ‘Teeth in a Day’


The dental prosthetics industry has seen many new innovations over the last few decades. Each of these has provided the solution to a specific problem. But perhaps the most innovative solution of all has been the idea of the “Teeth in a Day” surgical procedure which provides the ideal solution for those who have been unfortunate enough to have lost one or more teeth in an unforeseen event, possible a car accident, and who wish their teeth to be replaced as quickly as possible.

The “Teeth in a Day” unit consists of one or more teeth fitted as a single apparatus into the patient’s mouth. Thus the patient’s natural smile appears to remain completely unaffected by their recent misfortune. The single unit may consist of a row of teeth and these are all tethered to the gum or to the jawbone, depending on the severity of the cause for surgery. In the most severe cases, a single unit can be very securely screwed into place in the jawbone of the patient. All such surgical procedures can be done at one sitting and in a single day.


Dental implants such as these have undergone a revolution in recent years. The advantage of this product is that it uses materials which are highly resilient and therefore last a very long time. The process of attaching the unit either to existing teeth or (where there has been considerable trauma, possibly caused by a car collision or industrial accident) directly to the jaw, can be performed very quickly because of advanced dental processes. In most cases, patients wanting such surgery can have this done locally and very quickly. As long as there is a qualified dental practitioner nearby there will be no need for the patient to leave his or her own town in order to get treatment.

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The “Teeth in a Day” process is also relatively inexpensive, and this is because of the speed of the procedure and because of the materials used. Also, the manufacture of these units has been rationalized so that patients can benefit from the resulting economies of scale which such manufacturing processes happily create. This means that a dental solution to what may have been a horrific problem may be found very quickly and affordably, thus causing the patient no long lasting distress whatsoever.

More than just implants, caps or veneers, Teeth-in-a-Day units are as permanent as the material that they are made of. As well as being the answer to bad traffic accidents and sudden trauma which cause the teeth to be destroyed or broken suddenly, these units can be used to replace teeth which have gone rotten over a period of many years. Thus, someone who has always had bad teeth (they may be rotten or they may be crooked or in some way deformed) may, over the years, become shy of smiling. In such cases it is clear that this new dental intervention is much more than just an exercise in dentistry: it is actually nothing less than the rebirth of that person into society.



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