The Dark Side Of Being An Entrepreneur

Lack of credibility

When you think of an idea and then move ahead to conceptualize it then you definitely need the support of family and friends. I remember before I started Blogging I discussed the concept with many people. People used to listen to the idea but then either they used to bring out the negative points or they used to simply laugh while completely negating the idea. They could never understand how someone can generate income from Blogging.

No one believes you until you start showing some signs of success. When I started Blogging I asked a very close friend of mine to work with me but he did not agree. Later when he realized that I would achieve the success he offered me help. It is not their fault rather it is the lack of our credibility. Maybe I would have also done the same thing if I was in his place. Hence it is very tough to prove yourself when no one believes you.


Risk factor and the Financial issues when you start

When you start a business you need a lot of time and money to keep it afloat. In most businesses, you need to keep on investing for months or maybe years before you really start generating income. The problem is that no one supports you on an idea that has a 50% chance of failing. The last resort for me was to use my savings. I started eating up my savings for the initial investments. I was in my corporate job but I shifted my focus from the job to Blogging. This resulted in slow progress in my job while on the other hand, I was still not generating money online.

I just kept on backing myself and continued doing the Blogging. When you start you do not know whether you will be successful. The only thing you have is hope and self-belief. You put your stakes at risk. I had done the same. I remember that at one point I had lost my sleep. I used to get up in the night thinking what if I fail.

This risk factor is something that kept me focused on my work. It played an important role in my Blogging journey. The chances I had taken had put my future at risk. The fear to fail had kept me focussed for the entire journey.


No one tells you about failures

Did you ever notice that the entire media is full of success stories? When we talk about startups we get to read and hear about Makemytrip, Ola, Oyo, Flipkart, etc. But no one tells you about the startup companies which failed. A report by a premier organization stated that 90% of startups fail in India every year.

Similarly, 90% of Blogs die out in the very first year. You must understand that when we start there is a 50% chance of failure. We have to continuously innovate, think through to survive and sustain.

So we have to be very cautious when we start a business. We should research well and understand the risks in the business. I have curated a list of successful ways of business in India 2020. Do not think just start however do the research work properly.