‘The Country Needs Another Manmohan Singh’, Sharad Pawar On The Revival Of Economy

In an interview, NCP Chief Sharad Pawar has said that the country needs another Manmohan Singh in order to revive the economy. He urged the Narendra Modi led the government to consult people like Manmohan Singh.

Talking about the economic crisis in the country, Pawar said that the country needs former Prime Ministers Manmohan Singh and late PV Narasimha Rao to tackle the current economic crisis. He asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi to consult economists to revive the economy. He also said that China is a bigger threat to India than Pakistan as the border tension remains grim between India and China. Talking about the China situation, he urged the central government to put international pressure on China through diplomatic channels. In the interview that was published in the Marathi daily, he said,


“When we think of an enemy, the first name that comes to our mind is that of Pakistan. But we need not worry about Pakistan. In the long term, it is China that has the power, vision, and program to act against Indian interests. China is a bigger threat to India. By creating a picture of camaraderie, you can’t resolve issued between two countries.”


Culture of Cross-Party Interaction

Speaking on the current state of the economy, he said,

“When Manmohan Singh was the Union Finance Minister, he gave a new direction to the Indian economy. I was also part of the Union cabinet I credit Mr. Singh and late PV Narasimha Rao for the turnaround of the economy from crisis. Modi should also take the help of experts. The country will support him in all the steps taken by him. The country needs another Manmohan Singh.”

He also said that there is no dialogue between the central government and the leaders of other parties. He said that during the time when Manmohan Singh, Pranab Mukherjee, and P Chidambaram were finance ministers, there was constant interaction with experts and political leaders across party lines. He said that such culture is missing right now.


Source: The Asian Age