The Bollywood Actress Juhi Chawla Slams Media For CAA Issue And Has Her Own Take On The Issue

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Bollywood actor Juhi Chawla speaking on Citizen Amendment Act (CAA) and National Register of Citizens (NRC) said as artistes, it’s tricky to be questioned about events when they should be given time to understand the situation. The actress on Wednesday said instead of uniformly criticizing the government, one should follow on their behavior.

Juhi questions the media’s approach 

The 52-year-old attended a BJP event that aimed to counter ‘Free Kashmir (tale), anti-India slogans, false publicity, and intentional violence’. The protest was held at Veer Savarkar Smarak in Mumbai and several Bollywood celebrities including Juhi Chawla and Dalip Tahil were present at the event. The two actors including a string of entertainment personalities have spoken in favor of the controversial Citizenship Amendment Act.


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Juhi Chawala as an artist believes that it’s unfair to be asked about incidents “just for the sake of opinion” when they should be given time to truly understand the condition.

source: twitter

“We as actors go for our shoots and are involved with doing our duties. The media suddenly crashes and demands us to know what we feel about the CAA. But we have not learned the issue, others haven’t understood either, so why do you ask on a reaction from us? Why is everyone so quick to criticize the government?” she questioned.

Let people understand the situation 

Juhi believes people haven’t realized the matter but the media needs a response.”Allow people to understand, whether it’s NRC or CAA, and what’s it about, why is this being discussed about,” she said.


“How many of you have not taken even a single day leave in the last five years?” she questioned, to which the crowd chanted “Modi”. “I’m not even talking about any party or politics; I’m just talking about a man who today is our prime minister and who thinks about how to serve his country around the clock,” she added.

The actress stated that it is unfortunate that people speak about division more than unity.
“Everyone is quick to talk about splitting. Why don’t we talk about uniting and strengthening? Why does everyone say ‘what is the government doing, why is it doing this?’ but I say if you point one finger there then three fingers are at you. What are we doing? Let’s be calm, understand the situation,” she added.