The Best Engagement Gifts For The Happy Couple

When your friends or siblings or relatives or a colleague gets engaged, it is one of the happiest feelings ever. Whenever two people come together and celebrate their love, it is a joyous occasion and an event that is full of excitement.

When you are invited to someone’s engagement party, you cannot show up empty-handed. No matter how much you know a person, finding a gift for the same is kind of difficult and overwhelming. It is especially hard when you know that after a little while you will have to think of a wedding present too.


It is easy when a couple has a registry that most western couples do, but it is not a tradition everywhere. And a register is mostly for a wedding, not for an engagement party.

Don’t worry; we are here to help you. In this blog, we will list some of the best engagement gift ideas for the happy couple.
Let’s check out these gifts ideas now

1. Wine and love letterbox

Find out which wine your friend loves the most-white or red. Then find the best available wine you can find the older the better and gift them with a couple of wine glasses in a love letterbox.


It is a great way to celebrate the love and warmth that the couple will feel in the coming years.

2. A story of us print

If you know the couple who is getting engaged quite well, you can gift them this story of our print. It is a personalized print in which their love story is written. How did they meet? Whether it was love at first sight or love after a period of courtship and their first outing or so on.
Letterfest is a website where you can find this frame and get it personalized according to the story.

3. A scented candle that is personalized

A scented candle is an amazing gift for an engaged couple. You can choose the scent of your choice or the one that the couple likes. They can use the candle for date nights or festivals or when family comes over, or even for a relaxing bath.


4. Champagne glasses

If the engaged couples love to drink, especially champagne, then a great gift idea for them is a pair of champagne glasses. They can use it while toasting at their wedding or after on other special and festive occasions.

5. Personalized chocolates

If the couple who are getting engaged has a massive sweet tooth, then gifting them chocolates is a great gift idea. You can gift them their favorite luxury chocolates and one way to make it even more special by writing a personalized congratulatory message on it.

Search Morse Toad to gift amazing customized chocolates to your loved ones.


6. A personalized mug for your bestie or mate

If your best friend is getting engaged, why not give her a mug which says ‘he proposed and she said yes’ or to your best mate a cup with saying ‘The life-time journey of saying yes starts now’. They are unique and humorous, which is sure to bring a smile to the face of your bestie. You can change the line according to your liking.

7. A tote bag which says engaged

If your cousin or best friend is getting engaged and loves totes, a tote engaged bag is perfect for them. You can find out if a tote bag designer who can personalize it according to your needs. Add chocolates and key chains and wedding magazines to make the bag even more special to your friend.

8. A weekend getaway

If your best friends or your siblings or your brother/sister is getting engaged, why not plan a weekend for them so that they can be far away from the hustle-bustle and enjoy being engaged? Plan a special two-day weekend nearby or in a resort so that they can enjoy being with each other before the craziness of planning a wedding begins.

9. A recipe book

Create a recipe book which has the favorite and easy homemade recipes from the bride or groom’s family or friends. It will be an amazing book, and the couple can try them together and enjoy some kitchen romance.


Have any more ideas for engagement gifts? Share them below in the comments.