The Amazing Benefits of Air Purifiers

air purifier

Not only purified water but getting purified also has turned out to be a difficult thing during recent times due to constant degradation and air pollution. Even in the cleanest environment, the air in the room will still be filled with the dust along with visible and invisible particles that can harm your health. They may also turn into the catalyst in aggravating the existing health issues. This is the juncture where the role of purifiers turns to be extremely important because they are capable of reducing the concentration of pollutants in their surrounding area.

Known by the name, these air purifying appliances aids in the removal of the pollutants in the air and makes the surroundings cleaner. People who suffer from health issues like asthma and allergies can make the best use of these purifiers to keep the surroundings around them clean and safe. You can also use the purifier to get rid of second handed smoke so, you are needed to purchase a purifier if you have a smoker in the house and they can fit the best in residential and commercial environments.


To clean air in the surrounding environment, they come with HEPA filters. These HEPA filters are abbreviated as high-efficiency particulate air filters, and they purify the air by tapping the particles that vacuum is capable of recalculating them into the air. According to research studies and expert tests, the filters are known to purify 99.9% of pollutants from the air including, mold, pollen, spores, pet dander, and dust mites.

Air purifier helps you breathe easy

Many may think of getting the purifiers to home if they have the smoking habit or they have one of the relatives in the home who smoke but, the purifiers become a necessity even who you have pets at home. Pets at home bring few things urine, animal dander, and pet odors. These things in the home air can be alarming to the people that suffer from health issues like allergy and asthma. Vacuuming the air is often not possible and doesn’t help in removing the pollutants from the air completely.

If you are the sufferer of the health issues like allergies, asthma, and other respiratory problems, having an air purifier in the home turns to be the best way turn out airborne particles and keep the air in the surroundings fresh and clean and give you some relief as needed. The increasing pollution in the environment has made air purifiers a mandate to many houses today.


They work effective and quick in cleaning the allergies in the surroundings quickly and clearly. They are capable of clearing anything pollen, dust particles, smoke, pet dander, germs, and any other pollutants in the air to keep it in the cleanest possible form to make it breathe easy. The absence of air purifier in the home source up a lot of germs and dust and could be a concern of many health problems too.

air purifier

How Do They Work?

To remove airborne pollution from the air, the purifiers use different technologies to make them function effectively. Most of the air purifiers available In the market are embossed with HEPA filters. The technology puts fans in use to pull air through pleated high-efficiency particulate arresting (HEPA) filters and trapping the particles mechanically. According to healthy air, this is the most suggestive and effective method to remove the pollutants in the surrounding air. The purifiers that use HEPA technology are high in demand. The technology uses fans to remove pollutants from the air so, it does not produce any ozone. When you pick the purifier that works on mechanical filtration, you should be extra cautious because not all the purifiers that use mechanical filtration use HEPA filters. You should be careful about what you are getting for your money.

Some purifiers doe use electronic filtering in the place of mechanical filters. The electronic technology in the filters will reverse the charge of particles in the air. They pass the charged particles back to the room where they settle on the floor, furnishing, clothing and other areas of the room. When you have the purifiers that work on this mechanism, you need to vacuum the room completely to get rid of pollutants in the room to prevent them from getting reintroduced into the air.


How can you find the best air purifiers?

Knowing all about the functioning and benefits of the air purifiers in the home, you might have concluded to buy one for you. To take an informed decision on a purchase air purifier, you need to research the one that fits in the needs. You might have decided to buy HEPA functionality purifiers that work wonders. To get one working on the same functionality, you should consult a professional who gives an unbiased review about its functioning. You can find them on consumer reports, for healthy air and much more.

Most importantly, you should see the one that can filter the size of the room where the air purifier is fitted in. Many factors like performance, ease of use noise hold key importance. You should also check if the chosen air purifier is submitted for testing and if it has certification from Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM) to ensure that you are getting the best bet for your money.

Filtering the choices on these factors will help in narrowing down the list of HEPA purifiers from which you would like to make a choice. You should also give the price factor due consideration before making a choice. Make it a point to check the size of the room you wanted to cover and compare the capacity of the purifier you intend to purchase. It is always advised to fit in the purifier in the place where your family spends most of their time together.