All You Need To Know About Thar Customization

Dating back to the first invention of Mahindra Willy’s, on June 3rd, 1949, when the foundation of Mahindra Thar was made, the idea behind was to manufacture an off-road vehicle for the civilians.

Before Willys, the term was used by Americans for their vehicles used solely as off-road vehicles and sports utility vehicles. “Civilian Jeep” got its recognition after world war 2 when the term was explicitly dedicated to the 4*4 drive vehicle. The off-roader saw much modifications with the years passing by and serves the purpose of adventure along with the luxury.


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Thar, one of Mahindra’s greatest off-road SUVs was first exhibited in 2010. The minimalist and simplistic design of Thar is built as a robust model and allows the people to travel without any hassle from muddy as well as no road surfaces.

With the Thar models the customization was evident, and for the surprise of an audience, the manufacturer of the vehicle have come upon with new ideas to give your car a brand new look.


Let’s Know About The Features Of Thar

Mahindra Thar is one of the premium players to gather the best of everything from every section. Let’s dig deep in specifications and know more about the critical features of the vehicle:

Starting with the engine, Thar has NEG TCI-CRDe type engine fitted to function smoothly. The diesel running vehicle gives a mileage of 15.3 litres in cities and has two diesel engines to offer to their users. Powered with 2498cc and 2523cc respectively, is available for manual transmission. The 4WD Borg-Warner system has a crawl ratio of 2.48 at a low-range which makes Thar a real winner in slippery surfaces.

The seven-seater vehicle can uphold a cargo volume of 384 litres and also possess a fuel quantity of 60 litres. Coupled with various off-road running capabilities, like a wider departure angle than approach angle and overall clearance of 200mm ensures that every type of road is conquerable.


Comfort features like backside facing foldable seats, independent front suspension, 12V power outlet, power steering with 5.75 turning radius, etc. These features add luxury to the Thar models and allow seaters to travel long distances in comfort. Mounted with independent suspension with the help of torsion bar and stabilizer bar placed in front and shock absorbers with the semi-elliptical leaf keeps your ride at ease even while passing through difficult terrains.

Why Is Customization Desired In Thar?

Being an off-roader, Thar is expected to pass through rough surfaces without any hassle. For the same customization in Thar are inevitable. To make it perfect for every adventure you need to customize the vehicle from various fronts for robust and sturdy body and features.

Mahindra is said to manufacture a standardized offroader, but customizations provide the vehicle with an edge for the comfort and long rides as desired by the users. Exterior enhancements stress on making your ride smooth and non-tiring. They are comprised of making advancements in headlamps, snorkel, bumpers, tires, rock sliders, roll bars, etc. Exterior modifications like mounting of snorkel intake and high-up exhaust improve the water wading capability. These modifications will enhance your vehicles capability for passing through streams and water bodies.


While Interior enhancements add upon the look and feel of the vehicle and also allows you to be comfortable while driving or seated on the passenger seats. The user can seek interior customization like mood lighting, central console, door trims, music system, fridge, etc.

How You Can Customize Your Offroad Vehicle- Thar As Per Your Requirements?

Knowing and identifying the requirements of Thar users, Mahindra has launched their design house for their potential clients, where they can style their Thar even before they own them. The online platform has come upon as a boon for Thar customization lovers, as now they can test the looks of their vehicle and the fixtures that can help them with their vehicle The company allows the visitor to create a virtual customized Thar so that buyers should know what all customization they can look ahead.

Let’s know about various Thar modifications allowed at the Mahindra customization studios for their clients:

Thar customization

Exterior Customization:

The exterior customization starts with the employing wheel arches above all six wheels to support them and imparts a rigged look to the vehicle at first glance. While moving in Thar the accessories like front insect mesh, front show grill, front bumper, helps in traveling under challenging circumstances.


As Thar is well known for off-road adventures and therefore many modifications can be employed to travel safely in ice, dust or at places where there are no proper roads. Accessories like the half canopy, roll cage, roof carrier, rollover bar, snorkel are some of the offroad accessories which are high in demand and are liked by travelers a lot. The canopy can be used to enhance the butch stance of your vehicle and can be removed if looking forward to driving under the sky. Side steps can be added for easy entry and exit.

Made up of industrial steel roll-over bar protects the passengers from any outdoor nuisance. Also, other accessories like tow hook, spare wheel guard, rear bumper can be added to make your Thar fully customized and prepare for the adventurous journey. The tow hook is a perfect accessory for recovering your vehicle at the time of emergency while rear bumper can protect you from damages in rocky areas.

All these mind-blowing extensions can be checked online and the Thar lovers can have a visual appearance of the vehicle post making requisite changes. Modifications can be visualized and allow the users to check the looks of their new Thar before they finalized the final touch. This makes the users worry-free as they are well aware of what they are paying for.

Interior Customization:

Interior customization is comprised of the color of seat covers and the floor mats that can be changed to the one you desired for. The change is reliable for durability and also quite helpful in mood enlightenment. Music system employed in the traditional Thar can be updated to the other level with loudspeakers and rear door trim panels can also be replaced with the better options available.

Mahindra customization online store will help you with pricing attached to the modifications you have desired for. Mahindra has a specific online store for Thar lovers where they are allowed to mark their online visit and can customize the exterior and interior parts of their vehicle.


Once you land on the Mahindra customization site, the platform asks you to enter your location so that you can have a look at the option which is available at your nearest center. Once you have registered, they will bring you to an above screen where you have the opportunity to choose from the various variants of colors and exterior or interior customization whichever you find the best for your Thar.

After finalization of the extensions you are looking forward to plugging in, click on price quote to know the pricing of your customized vehicle.

Thar customization

Wrapping Up

Thar owners do possess a tendency to modify their vehicles for sure, but it becomes quite difficult with the current system as he needs to spend the amount first to check the experience and looks with Thar. With the online modifications, you can be at ease as you are allowed to check out your vehicle onscreen with the changes. Through their zooming feature getting through minute details is also quite feasible

As Mahindra is offering the studio for their esteemed owners to look for the company made amendments and also make sure these extensions increase the values of their vehicles. The genuine accessories that attached in the studios are the best in the sense of durability and quality.

Never compromise on style and quality when it comes to customization as you will love to pair different colors and new accessories arriving in the market through the same. Come up with the trendiest ideas clubbed with the features that allow you to get the best experience of the Thar models.

Customize your Thar today and feel the thrill of traveling to unknown lands and places and make your fantasies come true Today!!!