This 62 Year-Old Dindigul Thalappakatti Biryani in Bengaluru Is Something You Cannot Afford To Miss

The climate in Bengaluru is just right, not too hot, not too cold. The moderate temperature combined with the amazing cloud formations and cold rain droplets can heighten all your senses and please them at the same time.

With such pleasant weather all around Bengaluru, you are bound to feel like eating something that matches perfectly with the climate. Dindigul Thalappakatti is a restaurant that serves you with a variety of delicious preparations. Its stylish presentation and uniqueness in the recipes is the highlight. It is a nice dining restaurant to visit when one is looking to satisfy hunger ache with tasty and hygienic food.

thalappakatti biryani

Thalappakatti Biryanis

Dindigul Thalappakatti is a place that serves some authentic biryanis. If you are a true lover of Biryani, Thalappakatti is the place to be.

Established in 1957, this place offers one of the most delicious and steamy hot aromatic Biryani. The unswerving nature and mouthwatering taste of Thalappakatti Biriyani can be attributed to the fact that all the ingredients were prepared by Thalappakatti Naidu, himself, who is the founder of this restaurant.

On the other hand, Mutton Biryani, Chicken 65 Biryani, and Keema Ball biryani are equally good and lip-smacking.

The soft and tender pieces of mutton with the right amount of spice, however, not extremely spicy will definitely win your taste buds. Thalappakatti Biriyani has been delighting people from the rich to the poor for the last 50 years and the journey goes on.

thalappakatti biryani

Must-Try For Every Non-Veg Lovers

Apart from Biryanis, the restaurant also offers some of the delicious cuisines such as Theepori Chicken Lollipop, Mutton Kola Urandai, Chicken Porichadu, and Vanjaram Wish.  These dishes are a must try for every Non-Veg lovers. Additionally, they also have special thalis for both vegetarians and Non-vegetarian brothers.

All You Need to Know

The Dindigul Thalappakatti Biriyani Hotel was first started way back in 1957. It was founded by Mr. Nagasamy Naidu under the name Anandha Vilas Biriyani Hotel in Dindigul (City in Tamil Nadu).

The decor of the place is simple and classic. The staff is humble, polite and they are ready to serve you in all possible condition. The restaurant offers you a sophisticated dining experience for those seeking to explore beyond the ordinary and discover the full potential of a south-Indian dining experience.


Open: 11 AM – 11 PM

Where: HAL 2nd Stage, Indiranagar, Bengaluru.