Tejasvi Surya’s Tweet On Arab Women Lands Him in Trouble

Member of Parliament from the Bengaluru South Constituency, Tejasvi Surya landed into trouble for a 5-year-old tweet about Arab women. The young MP is facing backlash not only from Indians but also from influential Arabs.

In 2015, Tejasvi Surya put out a derogatory tweet about Arab women that has been resurfaced on the internet again. The Tweet that is now deleted read that,


“95 percent of Arab women have never had an orgasm in the last few hundred years! Every mother has produced kids as an act of sex and not love @TarekFatah.”

Tejasvi Surya (1)
Courtesy: Twitter

Social media has erupted against Tejasvi including people from the Middle East who are asking for actions against Tejasvi. A user from the United Arab Emirates said that,

“That respect for women couldn’t be instilled in you despite India having great female leaders. Please note, if someday the govt bestows a foreign ministry to you, avoid traveling to Arab lands. You are not welcome here. This will be remembered.”

The opposition too lashed out at the BJP MP. Sanjay Jha of the Congress party said that by giving tickets to Pragya Thakur and Tejasvi Surya, BJP is popularizing their hardline bigoted political profile. He added that because of a parliamentarian tweet, India stands in shame today. A Tamil Nadu blogger urged Arab countries to ask the BJP led government to sack Tejasvi.


One of many controversies of Tejasvi

Tejasvi has not yet commented on the controversy yet but has slyly deleted the tweet once it resurfaced. Twitterati got the better of him as screenshots were already saved. This is not the first time the BJP MP has landed himself into trouble on Twitter. Earlier in 2014, Tejasvi had opposed the reservation of women in parliament. The tweet that was eventually deleted was,

“With the exception of Women’s reservation in parliament, the Modi govt agenda is inspiring. Dread d day when women’s reservation becomes reality.”

Last year prior to the elections, a metoo allegation on Surya had also been reported. However, the twitter user, who had made the allegation, deleted her account soon. The comments of BJP and Tejasvi Surya himself on the controversy is awaited.

Source: The Times of India