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When movie’s first look or trailers make a sound, besides star cast, the technicality of the film gets discussed and analyzed. It happens with every movie that comes with great content and KGF is not an exception to it. Right from its first look to the record-breaking trailers released recently, in every frame of it, we see a technical depth. KGF’s cinematography has left everyone in awe while the background score goes inline with the flow. If Yash gets that heroic appearance on screen then there are heroes behind the scene who made KGF what it is today. Here we introduce the off-screen heroes – the technicians of KGF on today’s read.

Off-Screen Heroes – Technicians of KGF

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Shiv Kumar – Art Director

Art direction is one of the primary aspects of any cinema. It plays a major role especially when the film is periodic. Nearly 80% of KGF is shot in sets put in Bengaluru, Mysuru, and Kolar.


Shiv Kumar, Art director, KGF says, “It was challenging because the set has to go with the feel of the 70s. As KGF is a periodic movie, we took care of everything in detail. There are times when we have recreated the entire set as it got collapsed due to the bad wind. “

technicians of kgf
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Bhuvan Gowda – Cinematographer

If KGF is making noise today then one of the main reasons is its cinematography. Literally, every frame in the two trailers released looks like a painting. The man behind is none other than the dazzling Bhuvan Gowda. Bhuvan is an upcoming cinematographer who have had worked in Uggram, Pushapaka Vimana and other 7-8 movies.

technicians of kgf

In an interview, speaking about KGF, he said, “The entire KGF is shot in natural lighting and no lights have been used. We used to wait for perfect weather to make it happen. As it was a periodic film, most of the scenes are shot using fire since there was a minimum usage of electricity back then.”


He added, “Locations have played a major role in KGF’s making. The team has spent 2 years hunting locations to put the sets. We have not used any extra-ordinary pieces of equipment but planning was to the point. “

Yogi Chiraj & Saanya – Costume

Another major aspect that plays a role in periodic movies is the costume design. The challenging part is to get that feel of gone-days and making it look feel fresh on screen. When it comes to KGF, Yogi Chiraj and Saanya have designed the costume. To be specific, Saanya has designed for Yash and Yogi Chiraj has designed for the rest.

technicians of kgf
Yogi Chiraj

Speaking about KGF’s costume, Yogi Chiraj said, “Most of the costumes used in KGF are not ready-made but stitched for a purpose. Owing to its 70s feel, we had to use accessories of that time. So, right from watch, shoes, to other amenities; everything is custom-made.


Ravi Basrur – Music

By now, you might have fallen in love with KGF’s background score and Salaam Rocky Bhai song. There’s more to come to raise your expectations, says Ravi Basaruru, music director of KGF.

The larger part of KGF’s music will be a screenplay oriented. It is offbeat in a way that one song goes with the screenplay and carry for 15-20 minutes in the movie. “It’s been 3 years of creating, updating and fine-tuning. The music part is still in the process.“, says, Ravi Basaruru.

technicians of kgf

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Vijay Kiragandur – Producer

KGF is an 80 crore project releasing in 5 Indian languages including Bollywood. This is the first time a Kannada movie has expanded its market out of the state. Thanks to Vijay Kiragandur for making it happen for KGF. He has produced blockbusters before under his banner ‘Hombale Films’ but KGF was a bold decision.

When a director who is just a film old approaches with a script asking for 80 crores, indeed it was a courageous decision taken. Adding on when this script was being discussed, Yash was not a star as he is today. Undoubtedly, Vijaya Kiragandur is the real hero who made KGF happen for Kannada film industry.

technicians of kgf

Prashanth Neel – Director

With just one movie, Prashanth Neel has created an expectation of a level that audiences are dying to watch his next flick. Prashanth made his debut with the 2014 film, Uggram that went on to become a huge commercial hit coupled with an equal amount of appreciation from critics.

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Quoting from one of his interviews, Prashanth finished his film-making course and wrote a film called ‘Aa Hudugi Neene’ for his brother-in-law actor Sri Murali. Owing to his inexperience, the film didn’t take off and Prashanth changed his mind and began observing Sri Murali’s mannerisms. And over a period of time, he made Uggram and today, he is one of the promising directors of KFI.


facts about kgf

Other Names:

Editor – Shrikanth

Sound Effects – VG Ragen

Co-Directors – Abhi & Thimme Gowda

So, this was about the technicians of KGF. The movie has hit the screens and is getting positive reviews from every corner.

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