TecHalli: Anand Mahindra Offers A New Name To Bengaluru Instead Of ‘Silicon Valley Of India’

tech halli anand mahindra

Anand Mahindra has suggested a new name to address Bengaluru, instead of ‘Silicon Valley of India’. His idea is TecHalli, a name which he feels Bengaluru must be referred to as, from now on. This was the result of a caption competition that he was conducting on his Twitter handle.

Silicon Valley of India

Thanks to the IT boom at the break of this century, Bengaluru attracted technology companies to set up a base in the city. This has helped the city to develop and become a hub for this industry. Hence, it is currently being called the ‘Silicon Valley of India’.


Anand Mahindra and Nandan Nilekani have a new name for Bengaluru

A couple of days ago, the head of the Mahindra & Mahindra group announced a competition on his Twitter account. He called for entries on what could be a new title of Bengaluru in place of ‘Silicon Valley of India.’ Nandan Nilekani was the co-judge for the event. The duo, after shortlisting many entries, has zeroed in on the winner.

TecHalli – Can it be the new way of addressing Bengaluru?

Anand Mahindra announced that the winning entry ‘TecHalli’ was very appealing to him and the co-judge. He was especially impressed with the capital ‘H’ in the word. Since ‘Halli’ means village/city in Kannada, Anand felt that the translation of ‘technical village’ would suit Bengaluru very well. The model Pininfarina H2 Speed, which was announced as the prize for this competition, was also given to the winner.

One user, though, pointed out that the word ‘TecHalli’ could be understood only by a person who knows Kannada. Anand Mahindra, in the reply, said that much of the non-English speaking world did not understand the word ‘Silicon Valley’ initially too and hence, he said an attempt to make understand the word ‘TecHalli’ can be made.