‘Teacher Shocks Student Rocks!’ A 3rd Std Boy Gives An Epic ‘Kantara Answer’ In His Exam Paper

Without a doubt, the strength of Kantara lies in its story being rooted in the regional background with a near-universal appeal. The impact is such that a 3rd standard student has mentioned Rishab Shetty’s film on his Answer Sheet and there is no reason we can disagree with him.

The Kantara Impact

‘Kantara’ is winning the honors for all the right reasons. While the film made a noiseless visit to the crowd initially, out of nowhere its success started to make a lot of noise that consists majorly the positive word of mouth of the viewers coming out of the cinema halls after watching the film. Rishab Shetty’s directional majorly explored the genre of an action thriller with its deep traditionally rich story that has successfully won the audience’s hearts.


The Kannada film brought a simple story that is set in the backdrop of a forest in Kundapura, and villagers receiving their rights from the department after they went on to open a big fight. Moreover, Rishab has beautifully shown the custom behind worshiping the Daivas- Panjurli nad Guliga. The movie shows how the villagers worship their protector deities. While the film uses a fictional story, the local deities and festivals depicted in it are taken from real traditions.

Image credits: Surbhi Dawande :: Nikhil Kartikeya

The film has truly created a powerful impact on people. To prove this, a 3rd standard student from Karnataka has gone on to mention the Demi-God in his answer sheet. And we indeed have to agree upon his mention.

“Who protects the public places? Know about it and write.”, the question reads. The boy answers: “Kshetrapala Guliga Daiva”


Here’s the picture:

Kantara Impact: A ‘3rd Standard Kid’ Throws An Epic Answer In His Exam Paper, Stunning his Teacher