TCS to Continue Work-From-Home Model Post-coronavirus: CEO Gopinathan

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The nationwide lockdown due to the COVID-19 crisis has virtually forced the companies to ask its employees to work from home and hamper their growth but it doesn’t look like the case with Tata Consultancy Services, one of the largest IT companies in the country.

Rajesh Gopinathan, the CEO of the company believes that the COVID-19 crisis has in fact helped the company to move into its next phase of the operating model. The phase includes asking the employees to be present in the office for only 25 percent of the time. During the fourth-quarter earnings call, he said,


“Its about time. Our current operating model is currently a 20-year-old legacy. In some ways, this crisis actually leapfrogs us into a new model.”

According to the TCS’ chief operating officer, the new secure borderless workspaces (SBWS) model will increase the company’s velocity or output by 25 percent. This means that there is a high possibility that the work from home model will continue even after the crisis is ended.

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TCS to continue the same model post-coronavirus

Even though the coronavirus pandemic has pushed the employees to work from home, TCS has been building a similar model for a while. According to the Chief Operating Officer, this model will be evolutionary. He further said,

“This is not just about moving the person out of the office and allowing a laptop or a desktop located in the house to connect.”

When the COVID-19 crisis gradually waves off from our lives, TCS is planning to extend this model of working. CEO Gopinathan explains,


“We’re not going to go back to where we were. The reason we have been able to get on top of it is that we had invested in building those processes and systems.”

Over the last few weeks, TCS claims to have understood that there is no need for all the employees to be present in the office to have 100 percent productivity. TCS now believes that it is enough for an employee to spend as minimum as 25 percent of the time at the office.

As per the ICICI forecasts, this move of TCS will put them into a position to provide unique differentiation of services standing apart from the rest of the companies. Currently, over 90 percent of TCS employees work at the office.


Source: Business Insider