Explore Sirsi Like A Local With This Budget-Friendly Homestay Called Tavarumane


One of the most fascinating hill stations in south India, Sirsi is truly like heaven on Earth. Here, you can visit about six different waterfalls and admire the sparkling water cascading down on rocks amidst a sea of lush, green plants and trees. Unchali, Shivaganga, Barude and Benne Hole falls are some of the local favorites. The place also has numerous temples and breath-taking architecture.

The Sahasralinga is one of the most mind-blowing places to visit. Here you will find over a thousand shivalingas carved onto the rocks on a flowing river. Built by the king of Sirsi sometime in the 1600s, the place draws both art lovers as well as the devout.


Sirsi is also a well-known pilgrimage site with many temples such as the Marikamba, Mahavishnu, Sathyanatheshwara, Shri Subramanya, Shri Ishwara and Madhukeshwara temple to name a few. The mutts here are also renowned and draw huge crowds of pilgrims every year. But that isn’t all that Sirsi has to offer.

The Scintillating Sirsi and Its Magical Vibe

One of the best aspects of a visit to Sirsi is the variety of flora and fauna that you can experience. Sirsi is home to Indian Bison, tigers, leopards, and the rare black panther. The Gudavi bird sanctuary present here is best visited between June to November and fills one with a feeling of peace and tranquillity.


This quiet and beautiful town is filled with beautiful places and experiences that you will never forget in a lifetime but comes with the same problems every tourist attraction does. Planning the logistics and hotel stays might have your head spinning but worry not for we have got you covered!

The best way to experience Sirsi is through the Tavarumane homestay

The homestay is situated in between the thickest belt of Western Ghats in Sirsi. The mud house cottages are comfortable and also traditional reminding one of the summers spent with the grandparents.


Every morning, one is woken up by the chirping of birds and can take part in the various trekking activities the place has to offer. One can enjoy delicious, organic vegetarian food that is homemade, healthy and unlimited. The stream flowing nearby creates a tremendous waterfall that all age groups can safely appreciate. Raffling facilities will also be provided with ₹1000 for each. Common tariff charges will be ₹1800 per head for a single day. It includes unlimited traditional food – three times a day.


The homestay provides various recreational activities which will keep you and your friends occupied. Some of the facilities are:

1. Trekking
2. Waterfall Raffling
3. Sightseeing
4. Campfire
5. Speedball implementation
6. Waterfall Massage


Mud houses with a capacity of thirty-five are used for accommodation. Tents are also provided on demand. Despite having such a homely appearance, the place has good amenities. The open spaces make it ideal for large family get-togethers and corporate outings as well.

The proximity to Vibhuti falls, Nadibhag Beach, Shirley Falls and the Sonda mutt among other regions make travel seem like a breeze ensuring that you spend lesser time in transit and more having fun.


The Tavarumane homestay truly takes care of your need for entertainment and peace at a price that’s very reasonable. The place feels like a sea of tranquillity with waves of love and calms that wash over you. If you love a serene yet fun-filled holiday, do visit Tuvarumane Homestay and experience Sirsi like never before.

Contact: 82777 42089 / 7892 480 910

Fb Page Of Tavarumane – https://www.facebook.com/tavarumanehomestay/



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