Tata Starbucks To Open One Of Its Largest Coffee Forward Store in Namma Bengaluru

tata starbucks store

Tata Starbucks recently announced the opening of its largest coffee forward store in the Garden City of Bangalore. The Tata Starbucks store located at the 38/1st, Vittal Mallya Road promises to deliver a Third Place experience to its customers.

It will be the 140th store by Starbucks in the country and the 22nd store in Bengaluru.


Treat Of Unique Brewing Styles of Coffee

According to the CEO, Tata Starbucks Pvt. Ltd., Mr. Navin Gurnaney, “We are pleased to introduce our customers in Bangalore to a unique sensorial coffee experience while showcasing our expertise, craft, and passion for all things coffee. The Starbucks store at Vittal Mallya celebrates every aspect of the coffee journey – the bean, grind, brewing styles, and the skills of our Coffee Masters. The store’s design and curated offerings reflect Starbucks legacy of coffee leadership.”

He further added that the customers have the option to discover their new favorite beverage. The can even suggest the Coffee Masters at Starbucks to suggest a unique pairing.

According to Navin, the different brewing methods that the store offers gives the store an opportunity to indulge its customers. In this way, the customers will embark on a new path of exploring different ways of enjoying coffee.


The Bangaloreans will have a special place in the store where they can chill out, relax and interact. Here they can enjoy the artisanal coffee experience.

Tata Starbucks Store To Feature Two Separate Bars

The store will comprise of two separate bars which include separate brew bar and an espresso bar. At the center of the Espresso bar is the state-of-the-art Black Eagle. Here the skilled Starbucks baristas manually create a perfectly crafted and customized shot of espresso.

At the Brew Bar, customers can taste coffee prepared by a range of different brewing techniques. Some of the brews you need to try out at the Tata Starbucks store include the Siphon or the Chemex.


Siphon brings out the deepest coffee flavors using halogen for boiling water and moves the coffee through the vertical chambers. Chemex, on the other hand, is a pour-over brewing method executed manually as the artisan pours the brew perfectly in the coffee cup.

Extensive Range Of Starbucks Beverages 

Bengaluru is known for its classic coffee culture. And the Tata Starbucks store at Vittal Mallya Road intends to salute this coffee culture by offering a huge range of specially curated beverages such as Hazelnut Bianco Latte, Cortado, and the Sparkling Shaken Espresso with Mint.  

This particular store will also for the first time in India have an affogato station where ice cream and coffee craft meet to form some unique beverages including Cold Brew Malt, Signature Affogato, Cold Brew float, and Nitro Cold brew float.


The food menu offered at the Tata Starbucks store will supplement the entire coffee-themed experience and include holistic meals, light bites, as well as dessert delicacies such as The classic breakfast, grilled cottage cheese with pepperonata sauce, mushroom and asparagus quiche and many more food items that are a signature Starbucks food.

Tea lovers can also enjoy a wide range of collection of Teavana Teas at the store.