Tarps For Flatbed Trailer Truck

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While trucks take care of transporting heavy load to any point of land destination, the stuff they carry must not spill or fall on the road and cause further problems. Tarpaulins, otherwise called tarps, are protective coverings to protect and secure the load from elements of risk.

High-grade truck tarps come with straps and hooks to secure them to the truck bed without the need for tying complicated knots with rope. A precautionary measure for any trucking business is to consider providing tarps for trucks; this is to avoid problems for the driver and other vehicles on the road while the loads arrive in good condition.


Tarps for Flatbed Trailer Truck

Steel, coils, and lumber are conventional cargoes of Flatbed Trailer Trucks (4 inch-Drop Steel Tarps, 6 inch-Drop Lumber Tarps, 8 inch-Drop Lumber Tarps, and 10 inch-Drop Lumber Tarps). A truck tarp that covers a 48-foot extended trailer with 8-foot drops is available online at competitive prices. You will need two tarps for this measurement. There are also standard sizes of steel tarps, coil tarps, smoke tarps, and lumber tarps, in stores ready for shipment (also, same-day shipment) or pickup.

Depending on the size that you prefer, manufacturers can also offer configured truck tarps. They come with grommets so the cables can attach the tarp to the truck. You can order custom size cable tarps, side roll tarps, and covered wagon tarps or dump flip tarps. These built-to-order tarps for trucks come with a variety of colors from solid or mesh fabric types. Shipment is most probably within five days, and for added convenience, some online stores offer tarp repair.

Roll up Tarps

Roll up tarps are commonly for dump trucks and chip trailer use. For proper storage behind the truck’s cab, these tarps roll up into a cylinder. You can pull this out while securing the other end of the bed to cover the cargo. These rollup tarps are complete with cargo control (chains, bungee cords, coil racks, binders, and winch straps).


Tarp repair is always at hand, so you can avail of this in the store where you made purchases. Tarps for dump trucks are not cheap, even those for basic models. There are high-end models with even more significant features that cost more. With all the benefits, buying a dump truck tarp is worth every dime.

Tarp Control

To ensure that the truckload is secured for a long journey, avail of the complete line of tarp control. These load securing equipment comprise of chains, rubber straps, straps, winch bars, strap winders, hand ratchet strap assemblies, grommet kits, lumber hauler packs, and oversized load signs.

Truck Tarps should keep transportation needs covered with a range of high-quality tarpaulins with variations in grade and color, at very reasonable prices. The reason is that the manufacturing should keep overhead costs low through streamlined production methods to pass on the savings to customers without sacrificing the quality.


Detailed craftsmanship ensures durability, and so tarps will stand up to the elements, punctures, rough terrains, severe environment, and wear and tear that they may encounter on the road. Whether the bulky truckload is lumber, refuge, steel, heavy tools and equipment, or temperature-sensitive asphalt, gravel, or sand, truck tarps are versatile, sturdy and resilient to handle the load with care.