Take a ‘Nostalgic Trip’ with these Favourite Ads shared by Netizens

It’s a common pattern for us as Indians to change the channel when advertisements pop up on the TV. But some ads force us to stay on and watch. These impactful advertisements are so well made that they stay with us for a long time. Twitter is now recalling favorite ads of all time that are still the best ads ever made for television.

Favorite Indian ads 

A balanced humor, a slice of social message, and plenty of entertainment are the key elements that make some of the best Indian TV ads of all time. While some of these ads will surely make you emotional, some others are outright hilarious!


Over the years, the Indian advertising industry has grown on a big scale. Creative minds are continually producing marketing content that is not only impactful but also enjoyable.

Now, netizens are recalling favorite ads from their childhood that they can never forget.