10 Things That Makes T N Seetharam’s TV Serials Stand Out From The Rest

Thalagavara Narayanarao Seetharam (TNS) is a prominent Kannada film and TV serial director, actor and screenwriter. He has become a cultural icon in Karnataka with his exceptionally directed movies, plays, and of course the top-rated television serials which have attracted millions of viewers. TNS daily soaps are to another level setting a classy trend in the history of Kannada daily soaps.

And talking about T N Seetharam, the best part is that he lets his fame rest very lightly on his able shoulders and his affable nature and friendly, candid conversational style makes you warm up to him instantly. We here have brought about some amazing highlights or the possible reasons why one loves TNS serials and makes them different from the rest dedicating this to all the TNS fans out there.


T N Seetharam serials

His Serials feel ‘Real’

Most of us live in a state of nostalgia and cherish the experiences of the past. We would love to watch the same which relates to our very own lives rather than vague impractical imagination. T N Seetharam serials are just the same depicting very normal, possible practical scenarios of one’s life in extraordinary ways.

As said by TNS, the true secret behind such realistic direction is that his serials simply speak about his immediate past experiences. And according to him in his own words, ‘I believe what is true for me is also true for my audience.’

CSP Scenes!

An important key feature that has been part of his serials are the elaborate courtroom scenes. TNS is known for handling the extremely interesting courtroom situations as the iconic ‘CSP Lawyer’ which simply cannot be imitated. Every serial of his has the court session but must note that his audience is yet not bored, instead want more of it.


The only reason behind this is the exceptional acting skills put forth by him along with the logical, realistic factual arguments which effortlessly draws the attention and inquisitive of the audience making them only eager to know the after effects of it.

T N Seetharam serials

Appealing Characterization!

T N Seetharam brings about some exemplary characters which have carved a special place in the hearts of the audience. His characters, be it Mayamruga’s Vidaya (MD Pallavi), Mukta’s Madhavi Patel (Malavika Avinash), Manvantara’s Mandakini (Megha Nadiger), etc are just so powerful and unforgettable. These veteran skilled actors themselves say that portraying TNS characters has made a huge impact on their lives as well, meaning they hold such strong inculcating life principles.

Soulful Songs!

Another primary highlight of TNS’s serials is its title songs or the opening tracks. They lyrically mean, convey and render a lot when tried to understand the depth of it. Be it ‘Mayamruga velli’, ‘Mukta Mukta’, or ‘Magalu Janaki’, these title tracks have intense inner sensitive, philosophical meanings indeed imparting valuable life ethics.


Captivating Conversations!

TNS serials always carry dialogues which stand out and simply feels captivating to any audience. The conversations he brings about between the characters in the serials are intense and looks relevant and purposeful. The audience has always openly spoken about how they enjoy and cherish his extraordinary dialogues which sometimes are funny, hilarious at the same time powerful and entertaining.

T N Seetharam serials

Quisitive Stories!

The kind of stories he delivers to the audience is something one wants to know more of what happens next. They are very prudent and pragmatic, thus raising the daily soap standards. Also, the way he takes forward the story with logical twists and turns is indeed a suspense thrill to all the viewers making them have a regular follow up of it at any cost.

Life Lessons!

TNSserials are entertaining, humorous, and best pass times for some. But looking deeper, they actually impart some better and broader perspectives to one’s life. He wisely depicts of how difficulties or the sometimes unavoidable unpleasant situations in life can be simplified, resolved and overcome. He finely portrays how one can win over challenges by simply changing the mindsets, reactions, and responses from within to any external obstacles.


T N Seetharam serials

Perfect Politics!

The main attraction of TNS serials is the political set up and the bureaucratic work patterns he showcases giving us a deeper understanding of the faults and flaws of the government sectors or the police forces.

The political segments of his serials, be it roles like Chief minister, IAS officers, home ministers, etc are sometimes an amazing depiction of the factual bitter truths of the society we live in. Such political highlights of his serials are simply loved by the audience.

Alluring Artists!

Not to forget about the amazing star cast of TNS serials. These skilled veteran actors never fail to win the hearts of TNS fans who put forth the out of the box conceptualization of TNS intact to the audience, with their wonderful acting skills. Over the years, they have become so dear that they get largely identified through their character names than their real ones. 

T N Seetharam serials

People’s Time!

Another key highlight of TNS’s serials is the very fascinating ‘Serial Samvada’ which is much appreciated by people. It provides them with a platform to express their views and opinions and win a chance to interact with serial expertise.


TNS recently has shared that he started this trend for ‘Mayambruga’. He was expecting around 25-30 people turning up and had booked a small hall accordingly. But to his surprise, there were more than 3000 people who had gathered crowding up all around the premises eagerly waiting to interact with the team.

So, without a second thought, TN Seetharam has played a primary role in revolutionizing the Kannada small screen industry. Thanks to him and we wish he continues to make more TV serials for his audience.