From Idli, Dose, To Lip-Smacking Pulav, SV Tiffin Room Of Banashankari Is A Place You Shouldn’t Miss Visiting

S V Tiffin room banashankari

At the end of the day, the amount of satisfaction you get when your hunger is quenched by a plate of home-made food will always beat the momentary happiness that you derive out of gorging on oodles of westernized food. The impact of traditional home-made food will never die down and the SV Tiffin Room located in Banashankari is a prime example of the same.

Located at Banashankari 2st stage, SV Tiffin Room has been the primary choice in the last few years for the local residents to grab a quick bite outside their homes. The items available here can serve as either a fulfilling breakfast or a healthy snack. The price will put a smile on your face and the taste of the dishes will make sure that this experience would be cherished forever.

S V Tiffin room banashankari

Idli, Dosa & Pulav…

Just browse through the photos of the food items available at the SV Tiffin Room and the next thing you would do is block your weekend for a trip to Banashankari. This food joint serves traditional food which our city is famous for. Idlis, Dosas, and Pulav are highly recommended at this restaurant. All these items are available at a cheap price and if you are willing to spend around 100 bucks, you can get to taste most of the items available on the menu.

SV Tiffin Room has become famous for the special Mushroom Pulav which gets prepared here every Sunday. It is usually available after 9 pm every Sunday and the demand for this item is very high.

S V Tiffin room banashankari

SV Tiffin “Room”

As the name suggests, the SV Tiffin Room is just a tiny outlet with a few tables placed outside the restaurant. You will have to eat your food while standing and hence, this joint might not be the place for you if you are expecting great ambiance.

Although SV Tiffin Room is crowded most of the time, the service is quick and will not disappoint you. The food items are served on a banana leaf and this gives you a feeling of having traditional South Indian food. Most of the customers at this restaurant are elderly retired gentlemen and the way they enjoy their food at old age will give you major life-goals.

S V Tiffin room banashankari


SV Tiffin room is one of the best restaurants serving authentic Karnataka food in Bengaluru. Although all the food items available here are mouth-watering, special mention needs to be given to the idlis and pulav which is prepared at the SV Tiffin Room. The Idlis are soft and are absolutely tasty with the coconut chutney that gets served along with it. Ghee idlis are one special item that you can enjoy only here. Pulav is also another attraction at this food joint.

The flavored rice is cooked perfectly here and you would inevitably be pushed into thinking of a second plate. Mushroom Pulav is prepared only on Sundays and it is unlikely that any of these Chicken biryanis could beat the taste of this special offering by SV Tiffin Room.

Open: 7:30 AM – 11:30 AM and 5 – 10 PM (Mon-Sat ) | 7:30 – 12 PM (Sunday)

Where: 187, 2nd Cross Rd, 1st Block, Hanumanthnagar, Banashankari Stage I, Banashankari, Bengaluru




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