Suspended IAS Officer BM Vijay Shankar, Accused In IMA Ponzi Scam, Commits Suicide In Bengaluru

This is shocking and hard to digest that people who take an oath to serve the nation with sincerity are the ones who collect bribe under the table. Absolutely disgusting!!

Suspended IAS officer and deputy commissioner BM Vijay Shankar, who was arrested in a multi-crore IMA Ponzi scam, has committed suicide. The officer ended his life at his residence in Bengaluru’s Jayanagar.



Vijay Shankar was arrested by an SIT investigating the multi-crore ponzi scam last year on allegations of taking a bribe of Rs 1.5 crore from IMA. Later, the officer was released on bail. It was after his arrest that the government ordered his suspension.

Last month, CBI had sought from Karnataka government a prosecution sanction against him. Vijay Shankar was the Deputy Commissioner for the Urban Bengaluru district when the scam emerged.

The investigating team had recovered Rs 2.5 crore cash from the IAS officer, which according to the police, included the bribe amount the officer had taken from the absconding managing director of IMA Mohammed Mansoor Khan.