Sushant’s Friend Pankaj Dubey Confirms All Aspirations; Damns ‘Suicide’ & Rhea


Author and screenwriter Pankaj Dubey who is Sushant Singh Rajput’s close friend on Thursday slammed the people who are trying to defame Sushant’s family and dismissed the rumours that the late actor did not have good relations with them. He also revealed that after Rhea Chakraborty’s entry into Sushant’s life, the access to the late actor “decreased and then eventually stopped.”

‘Access To Sushant Decreased’

“I think that’s quite uncalled for and as far as bonding between Sushant and Priyanka (sister) is concerned, that has always been fantastic undoubtedly, at least till the point we were together.


My regular interaction happened until the early part of 2019. It was all fabulous till then and gradually with the entry of Rhea in his life, he was fortified that I could sense. And the access to Sushant decreased and it then eventually stopped,” Dubey said.


“My only point is if Rhea must have felt that he was not happy with family and he should be away from family. Why was she keeping friends and him aloof? The access got quite limited and eventually what happened that we had to go via Rhea. So you have to message Rhea to find availability of Sushant.

This became quite funny and gradually it was quite discouraging for friends. This is a strange narrative being spread that he did not like his family or vice versa. This is very intangible,” he added.  April 2020 was the last time he spoke to Sushant, Pankaj said.


‘We all were very close friends’

The author said that the “legacy of his friendship” with Sushant goes back to 2000-2001 when he was preparing for his engineering entrance exams in Delhi. “I was in the faculty of law, Delhi University wherein my wife who was then my girlfriend was Miranda House College and Priyanka was also there. We all were very close friends and we have been associated since then,” he said.

Dubey and his wife Shraddha Singh’s name was mentioned in Sushant’s diary which was accessed by Republic on Wednesday. The renowned author and screenwriter thanked Republic Media Network for keeping Sushant’s story alive as it was “written off.”

Earlier in the day, Sushant Singh Rajput’s sister Shweta Singh Kirti demanded an unbiased investigation into her brother’s death case and said that she expects nothing but the truth to come out.


“Hello everyone, I am Sushant Singh Rajput’s sister Shweta Singh Kirti and I request everyone to stand together and demand CBI inquiry for Sushant. We deserve to know the truth. We deserve justice for Sushant. Otherwise, we will never find closure. We won’t be able to live a peaceful life.

I request you from the bottom of my heart to stand together and demand a CBI inquiry because we have the right to know the truth. Thank you,” she says in the video. Shweta Singh Kirti also shared her appeal on Instagram and Twitter on Thursday early morning.