Suri, Popcorn Monkey Tiger And The Timeliness Of It – An Important Time For Sandalwood

Yet another exciting year for the Kannada film industry begins with the major release of Suri’s ‘Popcorn Monkey Tiger’ which is expected to hit theatres early next month.

Apart from being regarded as one of the successful directors in the last decade, Suri has also been one of those filmmakers who have barely made a bad film. He is often appreciated for the rawness he brings to the screen. He also interestingly takes up an unconventional subject, casts a popular star and caters it to both the fans and cinema lovers. Popcorn Monkey Tiger looks no different.


An Important Time for Sandalwood

There has been a long cheer that Sandalwood has finally come out of its dark phase but time and again, the statement is proven wrong. The industry is going through an interesting phase. A stream of new voices has made way for “content-driven” films. Stars like Puneeth and Shivanna are experimenting with their choices. Independent films slowly getting a space. It surely has been interesting. One thing that is missing is the subtext.

What is the subtext of a film?

The subtext of a film is essentially what the film is trying to say. It is an underlying theme or a message which is shielded by the plot and the narrative of the film. The subtext primarily enhances the movie viewing experience for an audience.

Sandalwood, in the recent past, to an extent, has cracked different genres but not quite what it wants to say. It is almost sad to see every detail being worked on but a minor ignorance could damage what could have been a near-perfect film.


The missing link

Off late, the so-called “content-driven” films failing at box office or failing to get a unanimous response points at the lack of subtext being one of the reasons. The commercial entertainers, with or without story or subtexts, is sure to do well at the box office because of the star power. Even then, the longevity of the film isn’t guaranteed.

Suri and Subtexts

Suri has always been good at delivering his thoughts. Whether it was living in the midst of the death in Duniya or the ill-effects of addiction in Inthi Ninna Preethiya, subtexts always formed the crux of his films. After seeing his interviews for Popcorn Monkey Tiger, we are sure it also has a strong thought behind it.

With Popcorn Monkey Tiger’s release, will we get to see a refreshing tale? If yes, will it push the Kannada Cinema a notch higher? We are waiting.