This Photographer Made An Actor To Do Stunts On An Unused Hi-Tech SkyWalker Opp To Tumkur University


Accidents on roads is a common thing especially when you are crossing a highway or busy road. When the government is not doing anything, it is the locals making hue and cry about it. And sometimes when there are facilities made available by the local administration, it is the residents that do not use it or pay heed to it.

sunny kabbinada skywalker
Akshay Revenkar – Actor

Neglected, Unused Skywalker Opposite Tumkur University

Similar to this has been happening in the case of high-tech Skywalker which was built two years ago by the government opposite to Tumkur University at the place where divider cuts open.

Even after two years, nobody uses it and in the absence of a proper divider, all the pedestrians just cross the road as it is open and easier.

But crossing the road in this way is certainly not safe which is why the Skywalker was built. Since it has not been used for a long time, even the lifts are not functioning properly. Rather the whole thing looks like a waste and a monument that is useless.

In a country where the government is struggling to meet the infrastructural needs of the growing cities a construction like Skywalker unused for over two years is not just a disgrace but is very shameful.

sunny kabbinada skywalker
Sunny Kabbinada – Photographer

Sunny Kabbinada Attempts To Create Awareness Through Photoshoot

The entire situation awakened the good Samaritan within the ace photographer Sunny Kabbinada who decided to shoot a photoshoot for creating awareness about the entire situation. In his story online, Kabbinada posted about his upcoming story.

He was approached by an actor from Bengaluru, Akshay who went all the way to Tumkur from the Garden City to ensure that the photoshoot is done. Both of them managed to complete the entire photoshoot peacefully without any disturbance.

sunny kabbinada skywalker

Sunny and Akshay have sarcastically thanked both the government and the pedestrians for letting them complete the photoshoot without any disruption as the Skywalker was not at all being used. Since there was not a single person crossing it, Akshay and Sunny completed the awesome shoot within two hours.

The ace photographer wants to create awareness about the Skywalker that has been built keeping in view the safety of the public in mind. The man behind ‘Sunny Kabbinada- Lensman’ venture thinks that the pedestrians should start using Skywalker instead of taking a risk of crossing the road on a highway.

sunny kabbinada skywalker

Or else the Government should build the divider correctly, so no pedestrians make any stunt of crossing the road, on a busy highway !!




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