Sudeep Compares Bollywood’s Failure To Fall Of Kohli And We’re Speechless

Salman Khan and Kichcha Sudeep talked about the current South vs Bollywood debate at a promotional event. Vikrant Rona actor gave an example of Virat Kohli to explain the situation of ‘Bollywood’.

Salman and Sudeep

Salman Khan attended the promotion event of Vikrant Rona in Mumbai. Here, he danced with Kichcha Sudeep and Jacqueline Fernandez and answered questions on films in general and South films specifically.


Speaking at the event, Salman explained why he was promoting the film personally – “I don’t want to go into losses,” he said.

Recently Bollywood films have failed to perform at the box office in front of South films like RRR, Pushpa, and KGF: Chapter 2, all of which have been presented as “pan-Indian” projects. People had criticized Hindi Films for not making entertaining films like South Film Industry.

Speaking on the issue, actor Salman Khan said, “There’s no formula to making a blockbuster. We all try and make the best film, we want it to reach everyone. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. There’s no formula to this, that something will work 100 percent.”


Kichcha Sudeep too opened up about the debate and warned against writing the Hindi film industry off. “A lot of films are made in a year, not every film does well. A couple of films do, and a couple of films don’t. That doesn’t mean that we generalize and say it (the industry) is dominating. There are good times for everything. If the Hindi film industry wasn’t doing great films if it didn’t have great people, how would you sustain for so many years?” he said.

Virat’s situation

The actor also compared Bollywood’s situation with cricketer Virat Kohli: “It’s like Virat Kohli is out of form for a while. Are you going to take away his records? It doesn’t work that way… Every industry is standing by its potential.”

Sudeep further stated how actors from both industries have been cooperating for a long time. He also said there are no insecurities between them.


“We collaborate on Hindi films. Sir (Salman) is now supporting our film. Why would she (Jacqueline Fernandez) come and do our film (Vikrant Rona)? Why would we call her? We can be ‘south south’. None of us are working that way. Right now sir (Salman) is doing a prime role in Hyderabad. He’s going (for the shoot) and coming back. Why would he do that? All of us are secure. It’s a beautiful thing to exchange ideas, and collaborate. I think it’s a beautiful atmosphere that we have, which you may not see,” said the actor.

Vikrant Rona is made under the direction of Anup Bhandari. Actors like Nirup Bhandari and Neetha Ashok will also be seen playing principal roles in the movie. This pan-world 3D drama will be out in multiple languages including Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Hindi, Arabic, German, Russian, Mandarin, and English.