A guide to student housing in NYC


Housing for students is a huge market in New York City. There are approximately 80 different universities in the city and more than half a million students in various parts of the city. Many of these students are seeking accommodation off-campus. A study carried out recently, revealed that NY imports more freshman academics than any other state in America.

How to find housing as an international student

  1. Research online – The first thing you should do is research more about the city. You may do this with various city guides. You will also be able to access housing guides via some universities. It will also be beneficial to check the distance from your desired location to the university you will be attending. Join various groups with students on social media platforms where you can post questions and receive answers from those who may have walked in your shoes previously or those who have insight.
  2. Prepare the relevant documentation – getting an apartment can be difficult as many U.S landlords can be demanding regarding documentation. The following is a brief list of what you may need:
  • Credit report
  • Pay stubs
  • Admission letter
  1. Housing options for you – You may decide to rent an apartment which will require an upfront deposit and a co-signer. You can sublet which involves taking over someone else’s lease. The other option is co-living or opting for roommates. This is by far the cheaper option and you will be able to find places near the university of choice. The benefits include free wifi and access to amenities like the swimming pool and gym. Included in the price is often a maid service and basic needs like tea and coffee. This is ideal for students as it is flexible living and can be taken on a month to month if permitted by the owner. Occupants of the house communicate directly with the owner if there are any issues and the matter is dealt with efficiently. It may be beneficial to live with other young people, especially if you are moving in from out of town. It will allow you the opportunity to get to know other people who may share the same interests as you and gives you people outside of campus, to hang out with.
  2. Start early – One of the best ways of securing an apartment is to begin searching early. This will ensure you already have an apartment at the time when most students are beginning their search.
  3. Beware of scams – Searching for accommodation in a different location than where you live, maybe an invitation for scammers. There are a few sites that should be used with caution as many scammers will try to win your confidence with persuasion.

Tips to avoid being scammed

  1. Do not make online payments
  2. Look for ads with pictures
  3. Do a reverse image check on google
  4. Google the address
  5. Meet the person prior to doing any transactions
  6. Don’t make any cash payments

When looking for accommodation, students are urged to exercise caution at all times.