Student Answers Exam In An Epic Way With References To Baahubali And KGF; Goes Viral

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A student from Kerala writes an essay in his answer sheet, goes viral. Question-based on Ramayana was asked in the Malayalam examination which was written by him in an epic way. He wrote an essay with due references from blockbuster movies like ‘Baahubali’, ‘Pulimurugan’ and ‘KGF’.


The craze of Cinema + Creativity

The essay written by the student looks pretty interesting, and it demonstrated his creativity when it comes to imagination. The answer begins with the sentence, “It is better to cut the heads of people who doubted the modesty of Seetha”, a reference to the popular dialogue in Baahubali 2: The Conclusion.


Lord Rama was referred here as gangster as he came to war with a strong Vaanara military force led by Hanuman. However, he considers Ravana a monster, as he came alone. Precisely, the gangster-monster reference is originally from the Kannada movie ‘KGF‘.


Referring to the style adopted in ‘Pulimurugan’, the student wrote that, Ravana is a man with ten heads who is a rare combination of intelligence and strength. The essay ends with a strong punch dialogue very similar to the one from KGF movie, “The ten people Ravana had beaten up were all kings. He was the real don of Lanka. Cowards die a thousand times, but brave people die only once. Ravana’s life was great”.

The answer paper from the unknown student went viral online, and it was even shared by popular Mollywood filmmaker Ranjith Shankar. In a recent Facebook post, Ranjith Shankar called the student a mass screenplay writer in the making. Some social media users are urging Mollywood production houses to take note of this talent so that high-voltage mass movies can be made in the future.


Source: International Business Times

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