Student Asks Shashi Tharoor To Give Him An Exotic Word. His Sensible Reply Is Winning Internet

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The English crackerjack, Shashi Tharoor was asked to share an alien word by a student at an event recently. Congress MP comes with an extraordinary reply that has made the politician earn appreciation on the internet.

A new word to share

The grammar Einstein, while addressing some Highschool students in an undivulged place, was asked about a new word he would like to share. However, the Thiruvananthapuram MP came up with a very prudent answer that is winning the internet all over.


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On the ongoing event, while Shashi Tharoor was distributing his principles of success to the teens, a 10th standard student asked the politician to share a new word with him, greeting him as “reputation as a fount of exotic vocabulary”. He asked, “As you have been globally acknowledged as a man of vocabulary I would like you to give me and the crowd a new word for us to learn.”

The minister had no such bewildering reply, rather he came up with an astonishing word that amazed everyone in the building. The word was ‘read’.

Growing up with reading 

He said, “I will give you a very simple, very old word. Read. That’s the only way I acquired a vocabulary. People think I am some sort of nutcase who studies dictionaries all day long. I have barely opened a dictionary in my life. But I have read extensively. The reason I was like this because I lived in India without television, without a computer, without Nintendo, without Play Station, without mobile phones. All I had were books.”


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Further explaining the importance of reading, Tharoor said, “ As a child, I had asthma turning up, and reading was the only rest from spending time indoors. All I had was books, books were my escape, books were my education,” he said.

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