“Stop Pulling Your Collar”, Kranti Actor Darshan Slams People For Hyping ‘Pan India’

Challenging Star Darshan’s 55th film, Kranti, which reunites him with the team of his earlier Yajamana, is slated for theatrical release on January 26, 2023.

Darshan’s Kranti

Kanada star Darshan’s Kranti is still two months away from its theatrical release, but the ‘Kranti wave’ has already begun, with the actor kick-starting promotions. At a time when mainstream media is still maintaining a distance from the actor (he’s banned because of an abusive voice clip), Kranti promotions are being held by digital media and social media influencers only.


Darshan, who has vowed to promote the film in Karnataka only, as he considers Kranti a Kannada film, is expected to speak to most of the digital media journalists in the coming days.

The 45-year-old has taken it in his stride and going all out with promotions. A bunch of video interviews has already surfaced online, where Darshan has taken on private schools and highlighted the indifference towards government-run institutions, which is in keeping with the subject of Kranti. Speaking to the online news channel Karnataka Tak Darshan was asked about the Pan India buzz going around the Kannada Film industry.

The Pan India buzz around KFI

“Do you know, which one was the first Pan India movie?” Darshan asks the host. Clueless about the answers, D Boss speaks, “Everybody is creating a Buzz around Pan India, Pan India but nobody knows who made the first Pan India film. It was Dwarakish who made ‘Africadalli Sheela’ back in 1986. It was released in Tamil, Telugu Hindi, and Malayalam. And not only this, the makers shot half of the shoot abroad. This was the proper Pan India film back then and that too from Kannada Film Industry,” said Darshan.


Here’s the video:

Meanwhile, Kranti, directed by music director V Harikrishna, pairs Darshan with his Bulbul and Ambareesha co-star Rachita Ram. The film has D Boss in the role of an NRI who returns to India and starts a revolution in the education system. Although the film is being marketed as a pan-India release, Darshan had earlier explained that for him, Kranti is a Kannada movie and that he would promote it in Karnataka only. The makers will dub it in other languages, but he will not travel to other states with his film.