Stop Or Will Issue Shoot-At-Sight Orders, Telangana CM Warns Lockdown Violators

source: teluguwishesh

Telangana CM K Chandrasekhar Rao on Tuesday stated that he will have no option but to order shoot-at-sight if people don’t stay indoors during the lockdown. Speaking to the reporters, he also threatened a 24-hour curfew if people violate lockdown orders.

Bothered with the way people came out on streets on Monday and Tuesday, he said he may consider asking the Army to take over.


“Don’t create a situation where the government is left with no option but to give shoot-at-sight orders to the police,” he said.

Besides, he also warned he would have to keep the petrol pumps shuts to put people off the roads, he said. “Curfew would be implemented from 7 pm to 6 am and all shops should be closed by 6 pm daily,” he said.

Rao even said that he may consider asking the Army to take over if people continue to violate the lockdown rules.


source: kalingatv

“In the US, the Army had to be called in to enforce lockdown. If people don’t follow coronavirus lockdown, a situation may arise where we’ll have to impose 24-hour curfew and issue shoot-at-sight orders. I urge people not to let such a situation arise.” said Rao in a public statement.

“I am instructing all MLAs ministers corporators to remain available, it’s the time for their action,” he said.

“We are taking away the passports of patients who have tested positive for novel coronavirus. Those violating home quarantine protocol will also face passport seizure,” added Rao.