Staying Safe On Karnataka City Roads – All You Need To Know

road safety

The roads of Karnataka’s cities can be dangerous. This is reflected by Ministry of Road Transport and Highways statistics, which state that, through 2017, Karnataka had 10,609 road deaths. The good news is that this is an improved number, down over 500 in the previous year, according to the Bangalore Mirror; however, it’s clear that some preparation is needed to stay safe.

The state is trying to do their part to improve this picture, from introducing new legislation to having Yamaraja terrify motorists out of violations. Staying safe is a matter of personal responsibility, too. Whether you’re behind the wheel or not, takes steps to ensure your safety and that of your fellow citizens.



Becoming a responsible motorist

In the vast majority of road traffic accidents, the responsibility lies with the driver. This has been confirmed by an influential study conducted by researchers at the SRM Medical College, Tamil Nadu. The study found that, in India, drivers are responsible for 78.5% of crashes. The streets of India can be a little chaotic, and so frequent accidents are understandable. However, you can always improve your own behavior.

Ensure that you have sufficient cover before taking to the road; that way you will be able to deal with any eventuality. Always drive very carefully, and try not to get distracted by the humdrum of the road. Also, consider whether you can brush up on your schools; excellent driving schools have been opened up in Bengaluru to aid this aim by providing improved driving lessons and standards.

On the other side of the wheel

Drivers can do a lot to improve their behavior, but what options do you have when walking the streets of the city? Some protections are already being put in place to make your day-to-day activities better. For instance, The Better India reported on Bengaluru Tender SURE, which has put 7km of roads into pedestrian-friendly mode – essentially, the way these roads run is designed for non-motorists to get around effective. On a larger scale, the government’s Delhi Road Safety Policy is set for expansion across the country which reportedly will put pedestrians first.



In terms of your own behavior, there’s a lot you can do. Be vigilant on the footpath, and stick to near buildings if you can – it’s not unheard of for motorists to mount the kerb. There’s work being done here, too, with new cars in India required to have pedestrian safety measures according to The Times of India. Try your best to make the most of pedestrian-friendly features, like those pedestrianized areas being created in Bengaluru.

The roads of India can be dangerous and it’s no different in Karnataka’s cities. Make the most of upcoming changes and technologies to guarantee your safety, whether behind the wheel or not. Most importantly, be mindful on the road to stay aware of risks as they arise.

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