‘Stand Up For Modi’ Campaign: ‘Help Poor If You Honor Me’, Said PM Modi

Narendra Modi Janata Curfew
Courtesy: The Economic Times

PM Narendra Modi has lashed out a campaign, which asks people of India to stand up for 5 minutes in the honor of Modi at 5 pm this Sunday. Modi has instead asked people to help the poor if they want to honor him.

‘Stand Up For Modi’ Campaign

In a poster that is doing the rounds on social media, the people of India have been asked to stand up and salute in the honor of Mr. Modi for 5 minutes at 5 pm this Sunday (12th April). Apparently, as per the poster, this task is an acknowledgment of everything Mr. Modi has ‘done’ for us and our nation.


Stand Up For Modi
‘Stand Up For Modi’ Campaign

PM Modi slams the campaign

However, the Prime Minister took to his Twitter account and slammed the campaign that is slowly becoming viral. 

Regarding the campaign, he tweeted:

It has been dropped at my consideration that some individuals are campaigning to honor Modi by standing for five minutes. At first look, it looks like a scandal to pull Modi into disputes.


He also offered a solution to anyone who really wanted to honor him. The concerning tweet read:

Maybe it’s somebody’s goodwill, but I insist that in the event you actually have a lot of love and wish to honor Modi, then take the accountability of a poor household, no less than so long as the coronavirus There is a disaster. There might be no larger honor for me than this.

With this move, PM Modi has brought down a campaign that could have proved to become embarrassing.