10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Bengaluru’s Sri Venkateshwara Sweet-Meat Stall, Iconic Since 1954

Sri Venkateshwara Sweet-Meat Stall

You might get to taste sweets and savories from across the world right in Bengaluru with Swiggy, Uber Eats or Zomato. However, none can beat the sensation which you can feel when an authentic, traditional and a mouth-watering sweet substance made in the by-lanes of Garden City enter your mouth.

That is exactly why Sri Venkateshwara Sweet-Meat Stall is famous for. Set up in 1954, the iconic sweet station in Balepet Road made name across the city for its hugely famous Mysore Pak. Cut to 2019, the shop now has multiple branches across the city with a diverse and rich menu that will surely test your will-power.


Bengaluru has a unique sweet culture which was because of the contributions of many sweet shops that cropped up in the last few decades of which Sri Venkateshwara Sweet Stall was one of them.

On that note, here are 10 reasons why you should visit this heaven of a place in Balepet Road.

1. Mysore Pak

If there was ever a kingdom of sweets, Mysore Pak would definitely be the king there. Made of oil, ghee, and flour, Mysore Pak is an experience that can never be forgotten. If you have procured this experience from Sri Venkateshwara Sweet Stall, then this indulgence would soon become a habit. Such is the taste and popularity of Mysore Pak at this stall that it would be worth hours of Bengaluru traffic if you could have a piece of Mysore Pak from this shop at the end of it.


Sri Venkateshwara Sweet-Meat Stall

2. Diverse Menu

Not only Mysore Pak, but this sweet stall also boasts of a diverse menu which will surely make your taste buds go tingling. The famous dumrot, badushah,chiroti and a few other varieties of sweets are also on offer here.

3. Hand-picked Chef’s

It is hard to emulate the taste of Sri Venkateshwara Sweet Stall. A major reason for this is the work that goes behind making these sweets by hand-picked chefs who are adept at making mouth-watering food items. In fact, a few cooks are trained by the founder of this great company himself.

4. Closely-guarded Recipe

Sri Venkateshwara Sweets are unique and a similar taste has not been experienced anywhere across the state. The recipe of a majority of items is still a secret and hence, this makes your trip to this shop all the more special.


Sri Venkateshwara Sweet-Meat Stall
Source: The Hindu

5. Ambiance

People who attend you at the Sri Venkateshwara Sweet Stall are sweet just like the dishes they serve. They are patient enough to describe each of their offerings and sometimes, they do not hesitate to allow you to taste an item before actually buying it.

6. Carefully Picked Ingredients

Behind every item that gets prepared here, there is a careful inspection of the ingredients used and the procedures employed. Be it the milk, sugar or the jaggery, every ingredient is procured from verified local vendors who assure of utmost quality and taste.

Sri Venkateshwara Sweet-Meat Stall

7. A Glimpse of True Bengaluru Sweet Culture

Sri Venkateshwara Sweet-Meat Stall is close to 65-years-old and hardly very few shops born during that era remain active now. Most of the sweets which have originated recently are the variants of the recipes which were created by these shops a few decades ago. To get a close-on experience of how it feels like in such places, a trip to Sri Venkateshwara Sweet Stall is all that is required.


8. Multiple Branches

Unlike a few years ago, Sri Venkateshwara Sweet Stall branches are now available across the city. Hence, you could head to Malleswhwara Branch if you stay far away from the Balepet Road branch. Do note that the taste of the items does not differ in each of the branches.

Sri Venkateshwara Sweet-Meat Stall

9. The Right Mood

If you ever depressed in a day, Sri Venkateshwara Sweet Stall is the right place to go. It will make you forget all your worries and enjoy the day with a host of delicacies available here.

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10. Celebrity Certification

Even Celebrities have fallen for the delicacies available here. Dr. Rajkumar was a fan of the famous fried avarekalu while Tollywood legend Chiranjeevi was yet another victim of Sri Venkateshwara’s Mysore Pak. Apart from these idols, a lot of politicians and actors also visit this place often.


Open: 9 AM – 10 PM

Where: No. 181, Balepete Main Road, Near Upparpet Police Station, Balepet, Chickpet, Bengaluru