Spin bike weight loss story

weight loss

Weight Loss is one of the most ‘looked forward to’ thing among people who gain weight due to different reasons. While you might have a reason of your own to why you might have gained weight, the most important thing about it is that you need to get rid of it, right? There are people who badly want to lose weight, yet don’t have the motivation to do so because different things come in their ways.

However, today we are going to touch something off-topic. We are going to share a few spin bike weight loss stories with you. Now, before we actually begin, you might be wondering why we are revolving around spin bikes.


Well, spin bikes are known the best machines to help you in losing weight. We are thus going to share such kind of stories which would encourage you to exercise on a spin bike and if you are really looking forward to buying one, well, here are a few reasons in form of stories, why you should go ahead and buy spin bikes here you can find out the review of best spin bikes review in the market..

Jacqueline lost 110 pounds. What?

weight Loss

Jacqueline is a 25-year-old woman who has been overweight since her childhood. She wanted to lose weight badly for the reason that she was teased because of her weight. After her first child, she wanted to do something about it and so, she followed a routine.


Well, Jacqueline started spinning more than about 5 miles every morning which was followed by a very versatile diet plan. It started building up calories in her body and she decided to do it every morning. The motivation of fitting into tight clothes was another motivation for her.

And after about 9 months of hard work, she went down 160 pounds from 260 pounds and now, she has maintained a very stable weight due to her workout routine.

Right from her words, she suggests drinking a lot of water too. It helps every time.


Cindy Tarantino

weight Loss

Cindy is a 35-year old woman who has been suffering because of being overweight for long. When she was 17, she had to face the issue of bearing 160 pounds and at 20, she hit 200 pounds. It was hard for her to lose all of this and even though she followed a few diet plans, that really didn’t help much until she figured out a proper way of a workout.

She was hooked up by a few of her co-workers to a cycling class and right after that, she resorted to indoor cycling. She decided to stick to this plan for 6 month and was burning calories at least 5 times a week.


So, this helped her lose 30 pounds just by cycling. Now, she decided to step it up a bit and followed her cycling with a proper diet. She resorted to fruits and a lot of veggies.

She started avoiding fast food and chicken etc. Rather than trying out candies, she uses apples for her sweet cravings. She is now a healthy woman with some good curves.

So, what is it that she suggests?

Well, according to Cindy, it is important that you are having fun while you work out. Go for any activity and stick to it. Don’t worry for the results, they are going to be better eventually.