Wow BBMP! Bengaluru Sees a Rise in Potholes from 3,600 in May to 23,300 in August


We all know how bad the condition of roads in the city is and on a daily basis, we are going through the hassles caused by unconditioned roads. Though Palike boasts of clearing the potholes, the situation remains unchanged. In this context, The Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) has admitted to a six-fold increase in the number of potholes in the past three months.

Before the onset of Monsoon, in May, the BBMP identified 3,629 potholes and had promised to fill them up in a few weeks. However, as a contrast, the number of potholes has increased dramatically. A BBMP engineer has told the media that the city had 23,226 potholes as of August 29.

The only Rs.60 of every Rs.100 is Spent on Roads

We have been seeing G.Parameshwara (Current Deputy Chief Minister of Karnataka) updating citizens through tweets on the number of potholes identified and filled. Fair enough however the number of potholes is still seeing a continuous increase.

Traffic expert, MN Sreehari said, “These numbers are contentious as the city has countless potholes. Because of the innate corruption in the system, the BBMP spends only Rs.60 of every Rs.100 for road construction, and so the material used is of low-grade.”

Zone-wise Breakup of Potholes in the City


Obviously, motorists seem to be unimpressed with the city’s roads. They said, when it rains, the potholes fill up with water, and pose a deadly risk, especially at night.

Madhukeshwara R Hegde (resident), said,

“South Bangalore around Bannerghatta road, we have roads between potholes! Such a shameless BBMP.”

On the other hand, in order to prevent jams and traffic, traffic police were seen filling potholes near RV circle, 80 ft road in Koramangala and on RV Road this week.

MN Sreehari, the traffic expert, says that it costs Rs.550 to Rs.650 to fill a square-meter pothole. It is also said that Rs.20 lakh has been put aside to fix the craters in each of the 198 wards. On the other hand, BBMP Chief engineer, MR Venkatesh said that they are attempting to make roads free of adulations and point out at civic utility companies for digging up of roads, and so is the reason for potholes.


Well, who’s right and who’s wrong is not a question of interest. The question is that how long the city has to suffer from potholes? How long the citizens have to suffer?

If you have anything to say about this topic then let us know in the comments below.

Information Source: TOI and BM

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