SP Charan, SPB’s Son, Breaks Down While Thanking Fans And Friends For Their Prayers

SP CHaran

Over the past few weeks, the news of the weakened health of the legendary singer SP Balasubrahmanyam has sent shock waves across the country. Social media continues to pray for the good health of the singer.

The son of the singer, S P Charan has come out in the media to give out official updates about the singer’s health. He also decided to end the speculations that were around the media and social media regarding his father’s health. On Thursday night, the hospital where SP Balasubrahmanyam is admitted gave out the official update. The update said that the health of the singer has worsened and still remains critical. It also said that the actor is not responding well to the treatment.


SP Charan appeared in front of the media and said,

“There is no improvement in my father’s health. Yet, I still have the belief. I have faith in the almighty. He will triumph over this illness through the blessings of the god and all his fans. I want to thank the fraternity of films and music for their support. I want to express my gratitude on behalf of our entire family. We are grateful to all of you. The entire nation is praying with a lot of love.”

SPB (1)

The Entire Fraternity Prays

Just as he finished the sentence, SP Charan broke down to tears. The entire musical and filmmaker fraternity prayed together for the betterment of the singer’s health. The singer had tested positive for the novel coronavirus and he revealed the news himself through a video message. The entire country hopes for the betterment of his health.


Source: Vijaya Karnataka