South Star Kamal Haasan Picks His 10 All-Time Favorite Kannada Movies

Kamal Haasan is a legend of Indian Cinema. Having acted across languages, Kamal’s filmy contributions are second to none. Back in 2017, when India celebrated its 70th year of Independence, the actor curated 70 films released after 1947 that he loved the most. Kamal’s list also included 10 Kannada films, and here is the list of the same.

Samskara (1970)

In multiple interviews, Kamal Haasan has profused his love for Girish Karnad. Incidentally, one of his favorite films also features the legend. Samskara was a hitting depiction of caste, especially Brahmanical order in the society.


Vamsha Vriksha (1972)

A novel-based film, Vamsha Vriksha marked the debut of legendary actor Vishnuvardhan. The film was directed by Girish Karnad and SL Bhyrappa. This movie also talked about Brahmanical order.

Kaadu (1973)

One of Kamal Haasan’s best works was the Tamil film, Thevar Magan. In one of the interviews, Kamal revealed that his movie was inspired by the Kannada film Kaadu. The Girish Karnad directorial was basically about an ordinary village fight.

Bhootayyana Maga Ayyu (1974)

Now, who would not fall in love with this film. Kamal was amazed by the scale of this film and opined that only big Hollywood directors could think of something like this.


Chomana Dudi (1975)

Kamal has always had a keen interest in topics related to caste in society. In Chomana Dudi, the plot was about the plight of a low-caste farmer, and Kamal was impressed by the subject.

Hamsageethe (1975)

Directed by GV Iyer and starring Anant Nag, the film was about a great musician. Kamal felt that this film posed an inspiring challenge to other filmmakers.

Ghatashraddha (1977)

A film that reflected to him on a personal level, Ghatashraddha’s story about widowhood moved Kamal. He revealed that his own grandmother lost her husband at a young age, and always wondered what life she could have led.


Malgudi Days (1986)

It is a Hindi offering, but the director and principal cast belonged to Sandalwood. Like many of us, Kamal also felt that this TV series must be cut into a film.

malgudi days

Pushpaka Vimaana (1987)

A classic of Indian Cinema, this film starring himself was a big lesson in screenwriting to Kamal Haasan. The legend also learned about the redundancy of dialogue through this film.

Thithi (2016)

As Kamal reveals, there is ‘beauty’ and ‘transparency’ in this movie, just like a candid camera. Directed by Raam Reddy, this film featured mostly new actors.



Source: Hindustan Times