South Films Be Scared, Himesh Reshammiya Drops Badass Ravi Kumar Teaser

Himesh Reshammiya has revealed the first look teaser of his upcoming film Badass Ravi Kumar, in which he plays the supposed hero. However, it was received with mixed reactions on Twitter and some reactions were hilarious.

Badass Ravi Kumar

Singer-musician-actor Himesh Reshammiya on Thursday announced a spin-off based on his character from the 2014 film The Xpose. The new movie, titled Badass Ravi Kumar is an action musical entertainer, which will see Himesh Reshammiya repeating his character of Ravi, who this time is pitted against 10 villains. It will be released in 2023. Reshammiya, who has also written the story and composed music for the film, shared the title announcement teaser on social media.


“Fans have always wanted a spin off from Ravi Kumar’s character. The quirk and eccentricity in Ravi Kumar’s character and his dialogues which have become iconic will have a new twist with us narrating the story of Ravi Kumar in this new huge action entertainer,” the singer-actor said in a statement.

In the first movie of The Xpose series, Himesh played a cop-turned-superstar named Ravi Kumar, who investigates a murder mystery. The film also starred Zoya Afroz and Sonali Raut with Irrfan Khan and Honey Singh in special roles. The 2014 film was directed by Anant Mahadevan from a script by Reshammiya.

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