10 South Indian Actors Who Are Popular in North And Are Favorite In The Hindi Belt

south indian actors in bollywoos

Films are an integral part of our daily lives and as a movie-loving country, we love our movie stars. But when it comes to the stars, we have a wide variety. And there are a lot of actors from the South Indian film industry who have won the hearts of millions, even in North India. Let’s take a look at a few.


Rajnikanth is not just an actor but is worshipped like a god by the millions and millions of people all over the country. He is amongst the few living legends that are considered as the pride of our nation. Chalbaaz, Hum and Bulandi are amongst his Bollywood well-known films. And we just want to see Rajni sir more and more on screen.

south indian actors in bollywoos


When you are talking about the actors from the south, Sudeep is one of the most remarkable actors who is also known as Kicha Sudeep. Bollywood is easily enthralled by his baritone voice and wants to see him more. A few of his Hindi flicks are Raktha Charitha, Phoonk, and Run.



How can we forget the ‘Kolaveri Di’ actor and Singer? The whole country got crazy about Dhanush after Kolaveri song. The actor has also proved his talent by his superb performance in the film Raanjhanaa. Dhanush is the son in law of the famous Rajnikhant.

south indian actors in bollywoos


After ‘Baahubali’, not just south or north but the whole world loves Prabhas. ‘Baahubali2’ the conclusion’ became the first Indian film ever to gross over 1000 crore in 2017. This actor who works mostly in Telugu cinema has created a stir after his Bollywood entry and we can’t wait to see him even more.

south indian actors in bollywoos


Suriya after making it big in south industry starred in a movie called ‘rakt charita’ directed by Ram Gopal Verma and since then has been seen in a few films in Bollywood yet he is the heartthrob of many girls from the north. People in Bollywood have embraced him with an open heart for his superb performance.

south indian actors in bollywoos


This handsome man has a strong base in the Kannada industry. His stylish beard and charming face takes over the heart of many and is a secret crush of every girl whether from south or north. He is very popular in north India and has a strong fan base, especially after the release of KGf.

kgf release

Vijay Devarekonda

He has predominantly worked in the Telugu Industry and is quite popular in the south. According to reports, he is soon to make his debut in Bollywood. But even before making his debut in Bollywood this handsome man has made his fan base in the north and has become heart-throb for many.

south indian actors in bollywoos

Prakash Raj

Famous for his negative roles, how can we forget Prakash Raj in the list. ‘Singham’, ‘Khakee’, ‘Wanted’, Dabangg 2’ are some of his big blockbuster famous films for which he has been highly admired and loved. And when we talk about actors in Bollywood who are known for their craft, we surely can’t leave him out.

south indian actors in bollywoos

Mahesh Babu

Dashing personality, killer looks cute smile and outstanding performance, what more fans want? He has already made it big in the south industry. He has yet not made his Bollywood debut but has been approached by many directors and producers seeing his strong fan base in the north. People from north love watching his movies and they are desperately waiting to see him in the Hindi movie soon.

south indian actors in bollywoos


Known in north India from a film like ‘Raavan’ is one of the hottest actors from the south Indian film industry. He gained his name and fame for his mesmerizing screen presence and heart melting looks. Girls in north India, south India and all over the nation swoon over him.

south indian actors in bollywoos

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