Sonu Sood Opens ‘Pravasi Rojgar’ Portal Which Will Help Migrants Get Jobs From 500+ Companies

Sonu Sood

Sonu Sood has been the biggest source of hope for many migrants in the country during the pandemic. The actor who usually plays negative roles on screen has been the talk of the town through his initiative to send the stranded migrants home.

Sonu has also helped many in other countries to reach India soon by organizing a charter plane for them. Continuing his efforts in the pandemic, Sonu Sood has now launched a portal called Pravasi Rojgar which is aimed at helping migrant laborers find jobs. The portal already has over 500 companies listed. Along with helping them reach their homes safely, Sonu is moving a step ahead in providing them bread and butter and make their livelihood.


Sonu says that the idea for this application has been on his mind for a long time ever since he started his endeavor in the pandemic. Whenever he used to interact with migrant laborers, they used to tell him about their concerns once they reach home. He says,

“Lot of thinking, planning, and preparation have gone into designing this initiative over the last few months. Extensive consultations have been held with top organizations that are involved at the grassroots level in skilling and placing the youth below the poverty line, NGOs, philanthropic organizations, government functionaries, strategy consultants, technology startups to provide migrants with job opportunities.”

Sonu Sood (2)

Various Industries In The App

The companies listed in the application range from different sectors like construction, healthcare, engineering, BPOs, security, automobile, e-commerce, and logistics. The application has also intentions of providing English speaking training too. A few months back, when Sonu was asked experience of helping the migrants, he had said,

“My journey with my migrant brothers and sisters has been the most special one. It’s straight from the heart, Right from Kashmir to Kanya Kumari whenever anyone tried to reach me, I have put all my efforts to help them reunite with their families and will continue to do so. I would like to thank all the state governments who helped me in the process. I’m immensely grateful to them for always encouraging my efforts for the entire nation. Jai Hind.”


Source: India Times