Sonu Sood Arranges Chartered Plane to Transport 150 Women Laborers from Kerala

Sonu Sood (1)

The Pandemic has given rise to many heroes in the country who have been determined to help the needy and fight through the pandemic. One of them has been Bollywood’s favorite villain, Sonu Sood.

In the past weeks, the actor has done everything in his capacity to help the stranded migrants reach their homes safely. The actor has arranged buses in his capacity and transported hundreds of migrants to their state. The stranded migrants who were desperate to go to their homes after they lost their jobs in the cities they were working found a hero in Sonu Sood.


Recently, the actor brought a smile to many more as he arranged a chartered plane to help 150 stranded women laborers of Odisha who were working in Kerala.

Sonu Sood
Courtesy: The Hindu

The workers had resigned from their jobs in the garment factory in Kochi in the hope to reach home. The women belonged to Kendrapura town in Odisha. The actor came to their rescue airlifted the women from Kochi on Friday morning in a chartered flight. Along with the women, ten more migrant workers who were working in a plywood factory were also transported.

The Odisha Administration cooperates

According to The Times of India report, the flight 15-926 left for Bhubaneswar from Kochi airport at 8 am. The ticket for every passenger was sponsored by the actor. The flight was scheduled to reach the Bhubaneswar airport at 10.30 am. The necessary arrangements were made by the district administration to transport the migrants from the airport to their respective destinations.


However, the Odisha administration had earlier tried to make arrangements for the workers through Shramik Trains but it didn’t materialize. The actor who has become a sort of messiah in this pandemic was kind enough to help the migrants.

The actor, under his mission of ‘Ghar Bhejo’, has successfully helped the stranded migrant workers to reach their homes in states like Rajasthan, Karnataka, Odisha, Uttar Pradesh, and Bihar. The actor is also active on Twitter where he responds to various other requests. He is reportedly being helped by family members and close friends in his mission. A few members from the film fraternity have also helped him.

Source: India Times