Soni Razdan And Pooja Bhatt Come To Mahesh Bhatt’s Rescue Over Leaked Chat, Gets Trolled Badly

Actress Soni Razdan and Pooja Bhatt have come out in support and defense of Mahesh Bhatt after the filmmaker’s chat with accused Rhea Chakraborty was leaked online.

Mahesh Bhatt’s wife and actress Soni Razdan and his elder daughter Pooja Bhatt took to the social media platform Twitter and defended the filmmakers. Both of them said that the messages sent to Rhea were the forwards Mahesh Bhatt had also sent to them and many more. Pooja tweeted,


“Interestingly, the message refers to as ‘most explosive revelation’ is a message that my father also sent me and countless other people on his phone list on the same day (June 9) and subsequently posted on Twitter as well (26-6-2020) get your facts right.”

Mahesh Bhatt (1)

Soni Razdan also tweeted on the similar lines where she said,

“Yes true. Here is mine. We get them every day. When will news channels actually give us real news and not fabricated spin-offs? Most seem to have turned into uglier more salacious versions of Stardust and Cine Blitz.”

Severe Criticism Followed

After tweeting it out, both Soni and Pooja met with several criticisms on the social media platform. One social media user wrote that,

“Just one question, why are you giving so many clarifications when you and your father haven’t done anything. Just be quiet and let CBI do their work. Truth never defends itself. So, have some patience.”

Another user also blasted the two actresses and said,


“There is absolutely no need to go around opting young women and by the way why never has, he adopted young men and given counsel? Great façade and his fam jam believe this man has no maligned intentions with a younger woman.”

One more user went onto to accuse the Bhatt family having links with the terrorists and wrote,

“Bollywood is all about delusional dreams. Everyone in Bollywood is trying to become Sherlock Holmes and Karl Marz nowadays. Her own family member role in 26/11 should be probed again.”


Source: Free Press Journal