“Sometimes I survived by eating only ‘Tomatoes'”: Dr. Bro’s story as a hard-core vegetarian

In a recent interview, Karnataka’s famous Kannada vlogger Dr. Bro reveals how it is hard to survive in foreign countries being a hard-core vegetarian.

Dr. Bro a hard-core vegetarian

If you love traveling and have a dream to explore the whole world someday, you probably know who is ‘Dr. Bro’. Gagan Srinivas, a very young man, makes amazing travel videos while going around different places and vlogging in Kannada.


Recently, while being interviewed on Vijayavani, Gagan reveals how in times it gets difficult for him to be a vegetarian. He remembered a time when he only eat tomatoes for breakfast or a whole day, traveling in a country that loves eating meat.

“Looking for a suitable vegetarian dish in a foreign land is quite challenging. This is why I often carry nuts so that I can eat them any time of the day or evening. I usually prefer eating fruits or veggies if I don’t get a proper meal to eat. Initially, it was tough for me to only survive with fruits but now it has become a routine,” said Dr. Bro.

“Someday I will prefer only eating half a kg of Tomatoes for breakfast followed by some salt to taste. This usually happens when edible food is not easily available in a country that loves eating only meat,” he adds.


Indian restaurants in a foreign land 

Gagan also thanked Indians to be present in all parts of the world.

“In some countries, I usually find Indian restaurants. But there is a huge difference in taste to what we eat here back in India. Sometimes the taste of a few Indian dishes is altered according to what the locals in the particular country prefer. Sometimes it is hard to eat them because of too many alterations.”

“If I opt for eating a local dish of a country, it is usually a non-vegetarian dish. Thankfully Indians are everywhere in the world.”


Here’s the video: