5 Social Media Tools You Need For Content Inspiration

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Your sharedcount results show how effective your social media campaigns are compared to those of your competitors. You can, therefore, use the results to shape the approach that you use to campaign on social media platforms. However, what many people miss is the fact that maintaining high performance on social media requires creating and sharing tons of appropriate content. To create excellent content, you need a lot of inspiration. Here are some of the best tools that you can use for inspiration.


Evernote is one of the most common tools that are used for content inspiration in social media campaigns. The essence of Evernote is that you can identify all the excellent content that some of your competitors or other individuals whom you admire create on social media. You can then use the tool to save all the content for future reference. Once you use the tool, you can revisit your saved content on a later date and create appropriate content from your notes.

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2. Marker.io

Marker.io is another handy tool that you can utilize to create engaging content for your social media pages. The essence of Marker.io is that it enables you to capture all the screenshots that you deem essential, index, and store them safely so that you can refer to them later. You can use this tool to capture some of the most exciting content images and then use them to create original and engaging content for your social media pages.

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3. Twitter Marketing Calendar

The Twitter marketing calendar is a unique tool that the firm publishes periodically. Its outlook nature means that you can confidently use the predictions to plan for the kind of content that you intend to post on your social media pages. The calendar contains typically detailed information about specific events and predictions on the possible impact of the occurrences on social media buzz. Thus, you can use the calendar as a source of inspiration for creating engaging content early.

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4. Almighty Press

Almighty Press is a potent tool that you can use to create great content for your pages. The tool has a search functionality that you can use to look for new and fresh ideas for content. The search function of the tool deliberately looks for additional content ideas based on the keywords that you use. Once you get the ideas, you can effectively develop the right content that matches the interests of your target audience.

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5. Today on the Internet

Today on the Internet is a powerful tool that gives you all the information about trending topics on the internet daily. The tool is powerful because it offers very relevant and timely ideas for content. Once you get the ideas, you can create content that you know matches what people are looking for on the internet for any specific period.

In conclusion, these are the five essential tools that you can use to get the right ideas for content. The tools help you to examine what influencers in your niche are doing as well as evaluate what many people are looking for at any given time. You can then use the information to craft content that is relevant to trends and the needs of your audience.



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