Los Angeles Call Centers who Provide Small Business Answering Services

As your business grows, even if it’s just still a small business, you’re going to need help answering all of those phone calls, taking all the voicemails, assigning appointments, and more. For that, there are Los Angeles call centers who provide small businesses call center answering services, voicemail services, technical support and more. Why do it yourself when you don’t have to? With a company such as Answering365, you can get all of that, and more. They’ll help you build a custom package, and save you costly time and money in the long run. Let’s look a little bit at how.

What is Answering365

Answering 365 is a small but powerful call center which started out as a family-based business in order to help other small businesses locally with answering services. They’ve branched out over the years and have grown to one of the best in not only the area but also nationwide.


With virtual secretaries and 24-hour service, they also provide services to not only the medical industry (as they originally started with), but also other services, from general contractors to lawyers, plumbers, and even IT technical support. They have an ever-growing staff and are very experienced in numerous support professionals with people who operate like machines to maintain your small business needs. Professionality and dedication are the most prevalent quality they can offer your small business in terms of their persona.

Are they Compliant?

Along with winning awards such as the Association of TeleServices International’s Award of Excellence for Outstanding Service for eight years straight, Answering365 is fully HIPAA compliant, as well as JCHAO compliant, and has numerous well-known organization partnerships that make them one of the most diverse answering services in the Los Angeles area.

What Languages do They Speak?

Answering365 offers bilingual answering services and can offer both English and Spanish speaking support. Others may be varied down the road, and customers can choose how they want to reach you. If you’re Spanish, they can even hire and dedicate an entire team for your business package to ensure you get the best outreach to fellow Spaniards and Latinos if that is your target market.


How Much Do They Charge?

Answering365 charges based on the service package you have designed for you. Their basic packages actually start at $225 a month, which is very cheap. You get unlimited text delivery, e-mail delivery, automatic call transfers, as well as they can pick a package with your availability. Their packages range from 250 minutes per month to 1000 minute per month, and can possibly be more depending on your business needs. Additional minutes are only 99 cents if you go over (except for the 1000-minute plan, where you get a discounted 95 cent fee instead).

Basically, if your small business only needs a bare minimum, you can get this plan and prices generally start at about 8 bucks a day. That says something compared to the price of many competitors who charge a lot more and only give you basic packages or standardized services.